Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Month That Was April 2009

OK, so I'm finally getting around to doing my monthly reading recap for April. I managed to get nine books read, most of them pretty decent. Here's how it all breaks down:

A Cowboy's Promise by Marin Thomas, Harlequin American Romance, Grade = C-. This was the second book I've read by this author and the second book that largely didn't work for me. The heroine was way too "save me rescue fantasy" for my tastes, and the hero wasn't exactly a prize either. There's also a scene where the hero has to clean up after one of the heroine's kids who has an "accident" on the bathroom floor. Ahhhh, romance! Not. Full TGTBTU Review.

The Substitute Bride by Elizabeth Lane, Harlequin Historical, Grade = C+. A sequel to The Borrowed Bride, I liked the early 20th century San Francisco setting and the heroine. The hero? Yeah, not so much. Still the selfish jackass that he was in the first book. Absolutely no growth. Full TGTBTU Review.

Someone Like Her by Janice Kay Johnson, Harlequin SuperRomance, Grade = B-. A nice story about a hero who discovers his mentally ill mother is alive, living in a small town in the middle of nowhere. A nice romance about grown-ups, no babies or kids mucking up the works. I did feel the heroine was a bit too hard on the hero, hence knocking my grade down a bit. But still, a solid read. Full TGTBTU Review.

In A Mother's Arms by Jillian Hart & Victoria Bylin, Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical, Grade = B-. File this under Wendy Broadening Her Horizons. I thought it was high time I try reading an inspirational romance, and since both authors have written secular books I figured they'd be a good way to test the waters. The Bylin story was a real stand-out, but pretty heavy on the "God Stuff." The Hart wasn't quite as heavy, and a nice sweet read. Full TGTBTU Review

Taking Care Of Business by Megan Hart & Lauren Dane, Erotic Romance, Grade = B. I love Hart's writing, but admittedly her Spice novels can be a little "heavy." This was a light, fun, sexy erotic romance. An ideal beach read. Full Review.

Ride The Fire by Pamela Clare, American Historical Romance, Grade = B+. I like "gritty" historicals, and appreciated that the author didn't pull her punches. Loved the period detail in the story, and a great romantic couple, both with plenty of personal baggage. Not a keeper for me, but I understand why it is for many other readers. Full Review.

The Rake's Inherited Courtesan by Ann Lethbridge, Harlequin Historical, Grade = C. False advertising with this title since the hero isn't remotely rakish. Nice hero, nice heroine, but the lack of communication between the two, along with misunderstandings and assumptions were more than a touch annoying. Seriously, why is it that Regency romantic couples can't seem to talk to each other? Full TGTBTU Review.

A Not So Perfect Past by Beth Andrews, Harlequin SuperRomance, Grade = A-. The best read of the month. Fantastic wonderful romance about a heroine who finds her back bone and a hero who gets his second chance. Emotional, sweet, all-in-all a great read. And only Andrews' second book for HSR. Yippeee! Wendy found a new author! Full TGTBTU Review.

Menage On A Train by Alice Gaines, Spice Briefs, Erotica Short Story eBook, Grade = B. Um, yeah. Wanna guess what this short story was about? Hot, sexy, but very much fitting in the erotica = escapist fantasy mold. If you're looking for realism and oh...I don't know....safe sex practices and condoms? Not the read for you. I was able to roll with it, hence the grade. Full TGTBTU Forthcoming.


Rosie said...

Love you little photo there SL. You finally read RIDE THE FIRE! Yay! I have the Hart/Dane in my tbr (still) glad to see your comments on it. Oh, and, I was tempted to pickup the Lane but am glad I didn't. She's usually a 'C' read for me and with everything else I have in my tbr I don't need to add another average book to the pile. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Barbara said...

I love your little reading recaps!! And yup, thanks to Kristie, Ride the Fire is one of my favs!

Victoria Janssen said...

"Menage on a Train" is a great title. Now I want to see "Menages on a Plane."

Sayuri said...

I thought that read 'The Rake's INBRED Courtesan'. Thought I was going mad there for a minute.

I have started a new challenge for myself and that is to read every Blaze....I'm at 112 right now! Wish me luck.

Wendy said...

Rosie: I promised Kristie I'd read Ride The Fire before RWA, and then that way she'd have one less book to nag me about. Re: Lane - I liked The Borrowed Bride (it was a B for me). However w/6 years passing between Book One & Book Two, I guess I just expected the hero to have grown up a bit. He hadn't, and I was annoyed with him. And yeah, the Hart/Dane is fun. Read it when you want something light and sexy.

Barbara: I need to go on a reading tear through my Harlequin back-log. I usually only do mini-reviews after I've read a mess of Harlequins.

Victoria: LOL, yeah there's no doubt what the book is about. Hey, that rhymes!

Sayuri: OMG, you have way more gumption than I do. There is no way I could read every single book in any of the category lines. And an inbred courtesan? That certainly would have put an interesting spin on the story!

Big Sis said...

Menage on a Train...tee hee hee. Kind of reminds me of Zack and Miri Make a Porno when they're trying to think of a title/plot line.

Wendy said...

Big Sis: Yeah, erotic romance and erotica titles have a tendency to not be very subtle. This one was a short story - hence an even more blunt title than usual.