Thursday, April 23, 2009

It Needs To Be Dark

Book Binge beat me to it, but damn I'm going to blog about it anyway. Word got out yesterday that Fox 2000 has picked up the rights to Patricia Cronwell's Kay Scarpetta novels in hopes of developing a franchise for Angelina Jolie.

Fans of the books know this is not the first time there have been movie talks. Back when Demi Moore had a career (remember those days?) she was linked to the Scarpetta role, and specifically a movie version of From Potter's Field (the best book in the series, in my opinion).

A few reasons why I think it might work this time around:
  • Jolie met with Cornwell personally.
  • Although Jolie isn't blonde or remotely Italian-looking, I think she'll be able to get the "feel" of the Scarpetta character right.
  • Jolie is hotter than hot right now.
  • The plan is to develop a franchise around the characters, and not use one specific book as script material. I think this is an insanely smart idea.
A few reasons why I think it could be terrible:
  • The Lucy character. What will they do with her? Little Girl Lucy, like in the early books? Total screw-up Lucy like in the middle books? Finally getting her shit together Lucy like in the later books? I think you dump the Lucy character entirely, but if they feel like they have to have her, I say go with Little Girl Lucy.
  • Casting Marino. They need to cast him right. I always pictured George Dzundza as Marino. Maybe John Goodman, although he's too "likeable" in my mind. The problem is that both of these guys are probably "too old" now. Hollywood will probably want to go "young." The actor needs to be hefty in size and be able to play politically incorrect convincingly while still coming off as a "smart" cop. In my opinion, this is non-negotiable.
  • The script. All of this is a moot point if a decent script doesn't surface.
How do I feel about it? Lord help me, I'm intrigued. Mostly because I'm like one of four women (total) on the planet who actually "likes" Angelina Jolie. Yeah, yeah, Jennifer Aniston, blah blah blah. I do think girlfriend desperately needs a box of Twinkies though. Or a sandwich. Hell, carbs and sugar of some kind. I'm not picky.


meljean brook said...

I'm intrigued and hopeful, too.

"Mostly because I'm like one of four women (total) on the planet who actually "likes" Angelina Jolie."

This is the opposite of the women I know -- most of my acquaintances like her (including me.)

seton said...

You are including me among the four who likes AJ, right? :-)

I havent read the books so I dont know about this. I do think she is stretched quite a bit with franchises right now, especially since she is suppose to be taking a break from working to be a stay at home mom to her growing tribe. She is currently filming a female spy film that they hope will become a franchise called SALT. She is also suppose to be in WANTED II (yeah, I know that she died in it, so what?). KUNG FU PANDA is also gonna be expanded into a trilogy.

Very busy dame.

Amie Stuart said...

Count me in as the fifth...or er sixth woman who likes Angelina LOL And I tweeted you my sug for Marino

Big Sis said...

John Goodman would be best if we're doing the later version of Marino, that way you can maybe still see that glimer of nice guy still hanging on for dear life.
But, he would not be my first choice.
MY first choice for Marino is a younger Brian Dennehy. But, a younger one is not available so yeah, I'll take Dzundza. Can he ride a Harley?
I always pictured Kay to look like Cornwell so Jolie is gonna be hard for me to buy. She'd better bulk up a little. Scarpetta has hips, some shape, she loves to eat. Sure she's fit...but shapely. Somebody send AJ a box (or three) of Girl Scout cookies!

Wendy said...

I'm obviously hanging out with the wrong people. I'm surrounded by a lot of pro-Aniston chatter.

I'm going to out Amie - who suggest Kevin James (from The King Of Queens) as a possible Marino. And I think he'd be fantastic....assuming he could do drama. He definitely has the look.

Big Sis: A steady diet of the peanut butter patties. Damn, those cookies are evil! I was good this year, and only got roped into buying two boxes of girl scout cookies. It wasn't my fault. The Brownies were outside my grocery uniform. I couldn't say no to all that cute.

jmc said...

I'm not thrilled with the casting -- I don't think she has the right look, is the right age, or can pull off the role; AJ seems best at roles for neurotic women or cartoon characters, while Scarpetta is neither of those. Or she wasn't back when I read Cornwall, which was several books ago. I wish AJ, Pitt and Aniston would go away, far far away.

azteclady said...

Hold it, woman--there have to be more than four (or six or..), 'cause I like Angelina Jolie just fine.

CindyS said...

Another Jolie fan - I can't stand the guy from King of Queens. There is another actor - he was in the movie The Full Monty and was the father in a TV show called Still Standing.


Amy said...

I'm trying to decide how I feel about this, although I kind of like the whole idea of Angelina on as Scarpetta. Apparently you're outting AJ fans here, Wendy, and it's almost a relief to say that I'm one of them. I was all, like, "oh the horror of Brad & Jen breaking up; how COULD they?". And then when I got to paying more attention (and after seeing Mr. & Mrs. Smith), I wanted to be Angie when I grow up.

For some reason, I'm seeing Ed O'Neil as Marino, despite his Al Bundy fame. He played a seasoned and salted cop on the remake of Dragnet as a series, and actually did pretty well. But you have to remember, I'm newish to the book series and have only read a handful.

Wendy said...

JMC: It depends on how far back they go. Angelina would be the right age for early book(s) Scarpetta - way too young for the more recent books. Again, I think it will hinge on what they do with the Lucy character. If Angelina really is a go? Then you either write out Lucy entirely, or you go with Young Lucy. Going with "older" Lucy next to Angelina playing "Aunt Kay" would not work. At all.AL: At least I don't feel so alone anymore :)

Cindy: I think you're talking about Mark Addy - and yeah, he would work. Actually I got to thinking....a young Paul Sorvino would be perfect. But um, that ain't going to happen LOL

Amy: Ed O'Neil is really good at playing cops, and I think he could do the Marino character....he just doesn't "look" right. Depends on how faithful they stay with Cornwell's descriptions when casting...and well since Angelina has been linked, I'm guessing not much!

lesleen said...

I like AJ, I think she is a great actress. I would be interested in seeing the movies. I would like Ed O'Neil or Mark Addy but it might be a question of chemistry. There is a lot between Scarpetta and Marino and it would boil down to how well the actors interact.

JamiSings said...

Well, to start with, I've NEVER liked Jolie, even before she seduced another woman's husband. (You just don't do that, even if the marriage is miserable. You wait until it breaks up on it's own and then seduce him.) To me, she's a lousy actress. I can never find her believable.

Course the Cornwell books have gone severally downhill. But then again, Forrest Gump the book sucked massively - you really have to wonder whom Groom slept with to get that piece of crap published. However the movie absolutely rocked. It's the one time I can honestly say the movie was better then the book. So maybe they'll improve it.

I would frankly cast an unknown person as Scarpetta. Or perhaps Denise Crosby whom played Tasha Yar on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I don't know whom could be Marino - maybe that guy who played the lead character on The Sopranos? I never watched the show but judging from the commercials he could play him and he'd have a draw from the Soprano fans. The bad guy I'd make some big name like Ben Affleck or something. (Actually, I've always wanted to see Hugh Grant play a serial killer. I think if someone gave him the chance he could easily be another Anthony Hopkins. I also could be wrong. I just want to see him break out of his usual pretty boy roles and play someone who's evil and nasty.)

Megan Frampton said...

I like Angelina, too! I cannot STAND Aniston.

As for Marino, how about Seth Rogen? In a serious role? He is a good actor, and young enough. Maybe too young. Or Donal Logue, from Life, he is a GREAT actor. And sufficiently coppy-schlumpy.

They gotta have Lucy, though. They'll probably go with young Lucky, like you say.

I stopped reading after awhile, but was way hooked for many books. This might be fun!

Liza said...

I like Angelina Jolie too. I think she could do a really great job with the role, as long as there is a great script given to her.

Wendy said...

Jami: *headsmack* I can't believe I didn't think of James Gandolfini! And he would be perfect as Marino because 1) he can act like a total jackass 2) he's a big guy and 3) he's bald. He might be too old though. Again, depends on how young Hollywood decides to cast this.

Megan: I actually thought of Seth Rogan, but have you seen a picture of him recently? He's lost a TON of weight. He's like half the man he used to be. And you're right. Logue does schlumpy well - so he'd fit. It's all going to boil down to how many "big names" they want. I think Marino is an ideal part of a really good character actor.

Liza: Yeah, the script is the thing. Since they're not following one book though (and just using the characters), I'm hopeful that some screenwriter can come up with something halfway decent.

LoriK said...

We're now up to way over 6 because I have no issue with Angelina. I'm not weighing in on the Jolie/Pitt/Aniston thing because it's not my busy and I would love never to hear another word about it.

I used to be OK with Aniston but she lost me a few bad movies and a John Meyer ago.

I also have no real opinion about the possibility of AJ playing Scarpetta. I stopped reading the series many books ago and the important details have sort of faded away.

JamiSings said...

I guess I'm the odd one out in that I can't stand Jolie. Even before she french kissed her brother and wore bottles of blood around her neck.

I'll never understand why Hollywood is so youth obsessed. Morgan Freeman's got grey hair, but is an awesome actor. (You've SO got to go to YouTube and look him up on The Electric Company.) There's so many "older" actors who are so more deserving of parts then the young punks they cast instead!

Jace said...

I like AJ and I hope this movie will happen. That's all I have to say. :)

whateverfor said...

I actually like Angelina Jolie too. She's great - period.