Friday, February 20, 2009

Forceably Finding My Mojo

I did a stupid thing. I overextended myself in the book department. This might not be such a terrible thing if my mojo was firing on all cylinders. However as long time blog readers know, my reading numbers have seriously dipped in the last year. So what do I do? Genius that I am, I volunteer to read a bunch of stuff. Stuff with deadlines attached to them. Yeah, that's a great idea! ::headdesk:: So what do I have on tap for the next month?
  • I'm moderating the romance panel at my library's upcoming Literary Event on April 4. I have at least two more books I need to read in preparation.
  • I have Harlequins to review for TGTBTU. I have two more February Harlequin Historicals to review and four March books to review (a Blaze, a Silhouette Special Edition and 2 HHs). It's a good thing all the SuperRomances are baby books in March, or else I could be in serious trouble.
  • The Orange County chapter of RWA asked me to be a judge in their Book Buyer's Best Contest for published authors. So yeah, I have five books to read for them before an April 7 deadline. Luckily three of the books are category romance, so I should be able to knock 'em out quickly.
I think I should probably be feeling more anxiety over getting myself in this situation, but damn, I'm seeing it as a challenge now. I really think I can pull it off. I really do. Because I am the Super Librarian! Hear me roar!

Which means I should probably stop typing up this blog post and get reading, huh? Off to work.


Jessica said...

So I have a question, since you are moderating the panel for work -- do you get to read the books during work hours? Because if so, how cool is that?!

Debora said...

Poor, poor Wendy...forced to read the books she loves!!!

Get cracking, Super-Librarian!

Hugs, Debora

RRRJEssica said...

I have faith in you.

Now I have a question for you!

How do I get my library to do a Literary Event with a panel on romance?

nath said...

Wow, that's a lot of reading commitments!! Good luck Wendy!! I haven't been very good with them lately ^_^;

Shaymless Aymless said...

Woohoo! Go get them Super-Librarian!

Kristie (J) said...

I think a list that long would have me sweating bullets!! One of the reasons I decided a while ago not to pursue doing reviews for a more professional site - even though the thoughts of free books was very tempting - is the pressure of HAVING to read them. I know for me, that would take a lot of the joy away - that and HAVING to finish bad books. I don't like the thoughts of that.

Renee said...

If anyone can leap giant stacks of books in a single...oh wait, that's the other guy. You can do it, Wendy! :-)

I just got Lilith Saintcrow's newsletter, and she's crediting you as her inspiration for writing her upcoming book, Demon Librarian. Very cool!

azteclady said...

*cheering the one, the only, the amazing Super Librarian on*

*sending good mojo vibes Wendy's way*

(hey, there's no harm in covering all the bases, is there?)

Wendy said...

Jessica: Yeah, since those two are for work, I'm hoping I can snatch some extra reading time there. But it will all boil down to how busy I am with other stuff - and next week is pretty loaded for me.

Debora: I know! Isn't it sad? LOL

RRRJessica: The Lit. Event was the brain child of our director. We wanted to include some popular fiction panels and by that point I was known as the "romance girl" was basically I was told, "Go find us some romance authors Wendy." And I've been finding them for 3 years running now.

Nath & Aymless: I'm in the zone at the moment.

Kristie: The nice thing about reviewing some Harlequins for Sybil, is I only review ones that sound interesting to me to begin with. Plus, most of this reading I have to do is category romance, so I'm hoping I can "get in the zone" and zip through those.

Renee: I'm actually going to blog about Lilth's book next week. She wrote it many moons ago (2005?) and I read a rough draft of it (and I liked it quite a bit!). I can't wait to get my hands on a copy once it's released to see what she reworked and changed from that first draft I read.

AL: I couldn't seem to sleep last night, so I plowed through an HH. The two February HHs I needed to read? Yeah, I knocked those out yesterday. That just leaves 4 March Harlequins for Sybil, 5 contest books and the 2 homework books. I'm making progress!

Rosie said...

Love the smoking gun. How's the reading going?

Wendy said...

Rosie: It's going good! I wrapped up two books this weekend, and should wrap up another one day. I'm chugging right along.....