Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dusting Myself Off

As already reported elsewhere in Romance Bloglandia, today a whole mess of the SoCal Bloggers are getting together for food, books and frivolity. We were due for another gathering anyway, but threw this one together rather quickly when we found out Lisabea was going to be in town. Weeee!

In other news, I've started reading the latest Teresa Knight erotic thriller (Yes, thriller. Not, I repeat not, an erotic romance. Romance does not hold the market share on "erotic." Just sayin'). Sybil sent me an ARC for this one (bless her heart) so expect the review to ultimately land over at TGTBTU. Anywho, after reading the first 50 pages or so, I flip over to the back cover blurb and a review quote catches my eye:
"Lawrence has hit one out of the park...An erotic thriller with a mystery thread that keeps you guessing, and a heroine who's smart, savvy and sexy...Naughty and entertaining."
LOL - Um, yeah. That's a quote from a review that I wrote back when I was still with TRR. I've had this ARC lying around for a couple of months, I started reading the book yesterday and I just now noticed that I have a quote on the back of the book. They got a little liberal with the slicing and dicing up of the review, but I stand behind every word. I really do enjoy this series quite a bit - mostly because Teresa is kickass, adventurous, a true feminist erotic heroine in every sense of the word. I'm about 70 pages into Sexile, and can't wait to get back to reading.


Rosie said...

I was sitting too far away and couldn't hear what you were saying when you told us the title of the book you were currently reading.

Wow, that must be a little freaky to be quoted on a cover and not know it. Very cool, but freaky nonetheless.

sybil said...

I can NEVER remember that site is you used to review at... don't ask me why they don't click in my head didn't it go by romance reader at heart or was that another one?

LOL if you love it again maybe you can get quoted again.. what would amuse me or you can replace yourself

I looked at the quote and was like who the hell is that? Which now amuses me greatly *g*

Wendy said...

Sybil: Nope, those are two different sites. TRR was "first" - then AAR came along - and then everybody else LOL. I essentially left TRR due to burn-out. I just got really, really tired - and didn't feel I was in the "right" place to do that sort of reviewing anymore. But it was one hell of an education!