Monday, January 19, 2009

Screaming Dust Bunnies

It's MLK Day here in the States. I wish I could say I was doing something noble and honorable on this day when we reflect on the life and accomplishments of the late Dr. King - but alas, I'm cleaning. The Bat Cave hasn't had a thorough cleaning since the holidays, if that gives you any indication how dire things were getting around here.

Also since it's a holiday, and I'm off work, My Man decided today would be an ideal time to take his car to our mechanic for a minor service. Thus meaning he took the Batmobile to work (his office did not give him the holiday off). Personally I think this is just his diabolical way of keeping me out of the bookstore on my day off.

Other than us finally buying a new mattress this past weekend (heaven!), I got nothing. Seriously, nothing. Work kicked my butt last week, mattress shopping and football kicked my butt this weekend. All this means I've done zero reading. After going on a tear two weeks ago, I'm not even crawling at the moment. I need to find me some inspiration. Or some mojo. At the very least some damn consistency.


Tracy said...

Oh I hate cleaning! lol

Get SOME rest today on your day off. :)

Travis Erwin said...

I'm with you. I really could use the comfort of a good book right now.

Leslie said...

I'm cleaning too. Trying to get the rugrats to join me but no go. Might have to resort to bribery. ;)

I did start a really good book. It's for Nath's re-read challenge. LaVyrle Spencer's Morning Glory. So different from my usual reads but so good.

Liza said...

I need to clean when I get home tonight, but will probably put it off until tomorrow. I posted about being a slacker lately when it came to reading. I'm trying to read at least one hour a day now.

azteclady said...

*looking for some mojo to send SL*