Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pretty Awesome Susan Wiggs News

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, and social networking sites, authors have a variety of ways to communicate with readers these days. But damn, nothing quite beats the good ol' fashioned e-mail newsletter. Which is why I've never gotten around to unsubscribing from the gazillion that I'm a member of. Good thing too, because the latest newsletter from Susan Wiggs is chock full of exciting reprint news!

Four of Wiggs long, long, long out of print historicals are getting reprinted in 2009. The slight downside to this joyous news, is that three of the four reprints will have different titles. Sigh. I hate when publishers do that. Oh well. It's still not annoying enough to damper this exciting news, since - like I said - all of these titles have been out of print for ages. Here's the breakdown of plot descriptions, publication dates, along with new titles. Enjoy!

Lord Of The Night, June 2009, No New Title.

When a crime was committed in tumultuous sixteenth-century Venice, Sandro Cavalli, Lord of the Night, could be counted upon to bring the malefactors to justice. Strong and rough-hewn as noble oak, his inborn code of morality was strong as his mighty shoulders. Nothing and no one could sway him from his duty.

No one until Laura Bandello. She was a woman of lustrous beauty and disarming charm. Yet why did Laura know so much about the problems plaguing Venice? Could someone so fair, so innocent, be involved in a shocking plot?

The only thing Sandro knew for certain was that he wanted this woman more than anything he had ever wanted in his life - even if it meant sacrificing everything he held dear.
Circle In The Water, August 2009, New Title = At The King's Command

Never one to forget a slight, King Henry VIII sough revenge against Stephen de Lacey, the handsome and defiant Baron of Wimberleigh. When a gypsy horse thief interrupted the king's daily hunt, Henry saw a way to bring the insolent nobleman to heel - he gave Stephen a choice of marrying the brazen wench or watching her hang.

Stephen wanted nothing to do with his unwelcome gypsy bride, even when he realized Juliana was a princess from a far-off land, fleeing the fires of a deadly uprising. But with each day, she moved closer to his heart - and to the secret that could destroy him.

A mysterious force from Juliana's past threatened the life they had built. It was then they knew that together they could overcome all odds.
Vows Made In Wine, September 2009, New Title = The Maiden's Hand

Oliver de Lacey had no time for love. he pursued pleasure with relentless fervor. Then one day, he met a woman who changed his wild ways.

Mistress Lark had no need for passion. All her devotion went into a secret cause she embraced with her whole heart. Until she met Oliver de Lacey.
Dancing On Air, October 2009, New Title = At The Queen's Summons

Pippa invented a past for herself, because anything was better than facing the truth. But when her antics led her into serious trouble, she had to throw herself at the mercy of a powerful Irish chieftain.

Aidan's world was crumbling beneath him. He went to London to seek mercy from the queen. Instead, he found an entrancing, mysterious woman who would alter his dreams and change his life forever.
These aren't listed on Amazon yet, but if you check out Wiggs' bibliography (scroll all the way to the bottom of the page!), it looks like Harlequin/Mira is planning on reprinting a lot more of Wiggs' long out of print historicals! Yippeee! Great news for historical fans everywhere, because her historical backlist is filled with a fine variety of settings and locales.

And for the record: Yeah, those four copies pictured above belong to yours truly. I amassed all of Susan Wiggs' historicals ages ago. Have I read them all? Golly, of course not! After all, I'm the Queen Of Having Great Books In My TBR That I Haven't Gotten Around To Reading Yet. Just ask KristieJ, who nags me incessantly every time I see her live and in person. Love ya girlie!


Leslie said...

This is good news! The only one of those four I have is Lord of the Night.

I think the last one I read of hers was Table for Five. It was good but I definitely like her historicals better.

Kristie (J) said...

Ah, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy - it pains me deeply to have to confess this - I have all the original ones too - and here's the painful part - as yet.....unread.

sybil said...

So I should sell this cuz I can always buy the reissues later... dude I think I have them all and nope don't I have read them

I do so HATE that renaming thing as much as the editing thing edit for errors - fine but more than that blech (says she who still hasn't read Glitter Baby cuz she is scared of the reissue)

Wendy said...

Leslie: I took the plot descriptions directly from the back cover copy of my older editions. And dang, now I want to read them! Like yesterday. Too bad I have other reading priorities waiting for me at the moment. Sigh.

Kristie: I won't tell you how long I've had my copies in my TBR. It's shameful!

Sybil: I've never priced them online, so not sure how much the older editions are selling for.

Over the years I've learned to roll with the renaming thing (although I don't like it much either!), but I've just never seen the point of rewriting/reworking books. I sort of feel like it's rewriting history. Those early books might not be as "polished" as an author's later work - but they illustrate the growth of the author. But then, I also understand that authors hate getting mail from readers who don't understand the beauty of checking a book's copyright date.

Tracy said...

I've never read Wiggs but I may just have to after reading those descriptions. Thanks for the heads up Wendy.

~ames~ said...

That's great news! I really enjoyed her latest batch of reprints.

I'm gasping at Kristie's comment - they're unread? LOL

Kassia said...

I thought Vows Made in Wine had one of the best openings I'd ever read...but why are they changing the name? To make me crazy?

Amie Stuart said...

Was there another with a gypsy or is Circle in the Water the only one? I have a couple of these...along with The Charm School which I love and a few American Historicals of hers. No I haven't read them all either :)

word verification firsesx LOL

Wendy said...

Amie: Honestly, I'm not sure. I think Circle in the Water might be the only gypsy hero - but don't quote me on that!

I still have an obscene amount of Wiggs' backlist in the ol' TBR. Sigh. It's a sickness I tells ya.