Monday, January 12, 2009

Kicking Butt, Well Sort Of

Blogging inspiration seems to have fled me for the moment, which is why The Misadventures Of Super Librarian was a vast wasteland over the weekend. But I have excuses reasons why! And since I got nothing else at the moment, I'm going to tell you why my brain is currently the consistency of Cream Of Wheat.
  • Sybil's been cracking the whip and I've been a reading fiend. OK, not really. But after some fumbling around in the dark, we seem to have come up with a plan on "what" I'll actually being doing over at TGTBTU. In a nutshell? Mostly reviewing Harlequins. So if you dig category romance, that's mostly what I'll be reviewing over there. In the meantime? I plowed through 3 books last week. Seriously, three. And yeah, I know Harlequins have shorter word counts - don't rain on my parade Mr. or Ms. Kill Joy.
  • It's that time of year again. Yep, Homework Reading! Once again I've been roped into helping my library put together their annual (this is #3) "literary event." And once again, Wendy lined up the romance authors. And once again, Wendy gets to moderate said romance panel. Which means look for reviews for books by Chris Marie Green, Christie Ridgway and Kathleen Givens in the coming weeks.
  • My baby sister is moving to California! A scant 40-some miles away from me! Which means I'm going to have someone to share smutty erotica books with! Which means I really need to get reading through my vast backlog in that particular genre.
  • Everybody has read The Stranger by Megan Hart except me. It's my next read, as soon as I knock off one more Harlequin Historical title....
  • I'm fat. No really, I'm fat. And this has nothing to do with the fact that my baby sister is now back down to a size 8. The bitch. No, I'm fat. I wouldn't know what a healthy diet is if it bit me in my very large ass. So basically that means changing my entire diet (No really, my entire diet. I have the eating habits of a trucker.) and getting back into my walking routine. I'm dragging My Man out with me in the mornings, and also taking a brisk one mile walk during my lunch breaks, while I'm plugged into an audio book. So far? Um, yeah I haven't lost any weight but I'm less "puffy." Yeah, looking less like a marshmallow is decent enough progress for now. I'll take it. Now to keep myself from getting derailed.


Lori said...

Everybody has read The Stranger by Megan Hart except me.

Not true. I haven't read it yet! I'm about 2 or 3 Hart books behind. Shit.

I'm fat.
First of all, you aren't. But... good for you for getting healthier. You already know how my first week went. What's with the 1 lb weight gain? Again... shit. (as she munches on a caramel corn rice cake)

Wendy said...

Lori: Tell yourself that 1 lb. weight gain was because you built up some muscle! LOL

No really...I'm fat. It's crept up on me over the years since I'm 5'9" and my family gene pool is loaded with good, solid German and English farming stock. That and my seriously atrocious eating habits. Just dreadful.

Janicu said...

Well go you on walking and trying to eat better! It sucks but yeah eventually you'll feel better, I swear.

I haven't read Megan Hart's The Stranger either.. what is this book? I go look it up..

Big Sis said...

I'm going to lose some weight myself. I'm thinking of duct-taping my mouth shut after 6pm. I'll let you know how that works out for me.

Kati said...

Wendy - I'm looking forward to your category reviews. I'm still trying to get on board with category books. Will you be reviewing any HP's because I love them!

I haven't read The Stranger yet either. But I finally bought it yesterday, so that's a step in the right direction, I think.

Good luck on the diet thing. I did the WW thing a couple of years ago and it worked for me. But my roomie did it too, and I'm a competitive wench, so she pushed me. It's tough. My mantra all the way through was, "Do I want to eat this more than I want to be thin." Some days the answer was yes. But mostly it was no. Good luck!

Wendy said...

Janicu: I tend to classify Megan Hart is "erotic fiction" moreso than "erotic romance" - although she does have romantic elements in her stories. And she does write happy endings, although she tends to put her characters through the wringer for them to get their HEA!

Big Sis: Ugh, tell me about it! I thought I was going to die last night. I do OK during the week (as long as I avoid fast food), but the weekends tend to be one big long grazing fest for me.

Kati: LOL - HP is one of the few category lines I don't read! Start stalking Holly over at Book Binge, she loves HP. My big three are HH, HSR and SSE - although I'll review the other lines if a blurb jumps out and bites me.

And I am so stealing your mantra.

azteclady said...

You know what? I think less puffy is a much better indication of success than whatever the scale says.

Wishing you success however you measure it :wink:

JamiSings said...

I haven't even heard of The Stranger let alone read it.

And don't tell me you're fat. I don't believe it. I'm 5' 3" tall and 240, I'M fat. *blows raspberry* Especially since I should wear 135.

(Heh, if I ever did lose the 105 I should I think I'd kind of miss the one-upping the skinny girls who complain about being fat.)

Liza said...

I haven't read The Stranger by Megan Hart either. I'll have to look for this one. I read several category romances a month(usually from the Blaze line).

My friends and I have formed a "Get Healthy" club. I need to lose over 50 pounds to get even close to my goal weight, and started walking at the gym on Saturday. I'm also really trying to pick better things to eat each day. I'll fall off the wagon at some point, but doing pretty well so far(only into week 2).

sybil said...

Hey you have been reading more! And I am happy to take allll the credit.

I know so nice of me.

::cracks whip::

like you ever listen to me anyway

I haven't read The Stranger. Hell I still don't know what the I did with it.

Tracy said...

I haven't read The Stranger either - apparently there's a bigger group of us than you thought.

Congrats on your sis moving near you. My 2 sisters live in far away lands (ok, Alabama and Missouri) and it sucks.

Good for you with the walking and less puffiness. It's not easy trying to change your eating habits. I did a couple of years back and lost 20 pounds. Very cool site.

Rosie said...

Well, I read THE STRANGER by Megan Hart what's up with the rest of you slackers?

Kudos SL for getting healthy. I just remind myself that anything I do is better than doing nothing. So good on ya!

Any dates on when Lil Sis is arriving?

Wendy said...

AL: Since dropping 20 pounds overnight seems to much to ask for - I'll take less puffy too ;)

Jami: I'm at the age where I'm starting to get panicky about my health. Now, I've always been a healthy girl - but Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure run rampant in my family tree. Plus not only am I too heavy, I'm way out of shape. I'd be OK with wearing a bigger size if I actually had some muscle tone. But right now? I'm like 95% flab! LOL

Liza: I tend to pick and choose in the Blaze line. I've been intrigued by their foray into historicals. I liked the Hope Tarr book and I have the upcoming Jade Lee (a February book) waiting on my Sony Reader.

Sybil: Now, now - I listen to you sometimes. It's just I have selective hearing :)

Tracy: A lot of people have told me they've had success with keeping food diaries. My thing? Staying away from junk. I'm a connoisseur of fast food.

Rosie: Her plane lands on the 20th and she needs to hit the ground running. BIL's company is setting them up with temporary housing and a rental car. I'll probably drive up to see her that Friday (since I'm off work that day), hit a few apartments with her and take her out to lunch.

joykenn said...

Wendy--what is it with January. After we fill up on yummy Christmas food and dash back a glass or few or more of Champagne on New Years, suddenly we realize it is Jan. and look in the mirror. Horrors! I think EVERYONE puts on at least 5-10 lbs for the holidays alone. If you're with family, it is worse--just have another slice of Auntie's great pie, you have to try the dressing its from Grandmas recipe, just finish up this so I'll have room in the fridge. ARGHH!

Seriously, good for you for doing something about it. I also suggest that you bring a water bottle with you everywhere and sip lots of water. When you get the urge to snack, haul out your teapot since I know you're a tea fan. Slice up some lemon, get a pretty cup, anything else you can think of to make it special. Savor the smell, sight and flavor. Sigh! Treat yourself to a couple of special teas you ONLY use to treat yourself. Really works for those deprived moments. And if the chocolate munchies hit, try some hot cocoa (sugarfree) with a dollop of fat free cool whip on top and a sprinkle of cinamom. YUMMM.

Alie said...

Don't worry, I'm fat too. Christmas put an extra 5 pounds on me that I so didn't need.

shayera said...

If she's moving nearish to me, let me know, I'll be happy to share some "Valley wisdom" with her.

Valerie said...

Hope springs eternal! Your words - maybe we should make the diet commitment together. Just be happy you aren't surrounded by the French (read French women - I'd be skinny too if I lived off cigarettes and black coffee).

I'm going to give Megan Hart a try. After dipping a toe into the forensic mystery genre and getting sucked in by the undertow of awfulness I need something I know I'm going to like.

Lil Sis said...

I might kill Oz before we get to Cali - just warning you. Ugh - stress is killing me but hopefully it's burning calories. :) Give me books when I get there - even if you haven't read them - I'll have practically nothing!!! :( Oh, and South Beach - that's all I'm saying. Oh, and Curves too - gotta give them some credit.

sula said...

i haven't read the hart book either. but i feel like i should. should i? plz update if/when you join the 'has read' crowd and let me know. heh.

as for the holiday poundage, it's depressing but i like to think that tomorrow is a new day, full of potential. also, i can't stop singing the praises of WW. they have an online program now so you don't even have to go to meetings. s'rsly. worked for me, bigtime. 70 lbs gone over the course of a year and i have ALWAYS been a chubby "full figured" woman. they've figured out how to make sensible healthy eating realistic for everyday life. so yeah, off that soapbox. best of luck!

how cool that your sis is going to be closeby. and how lucky for her to have you to be her book supplier! *g*

Wendy said...

Joy & Alie: I can't even blame it on the holidays. Traditionally the holidays just "push me over the edge" and I wake up on January 1, look in the mirror (or better yet see photos of myself taken on Christmas morning!) and think "Yikes! When did I get sooooo fat?!"

Shayera: She'll be in Rose Bowl country. Somewhere in that neighborhood anyway......

Valerie: Not quite as bad as French women, but I live in Southern California where the women have been liposuctioned and augmented within an inch of their lives. I might be one of the 5% of the population who hasn't had a boob job. I kid, I kid. It's probably more like 10% LOL

Lil' Sis: I have some books set aside for you. Along with bookmarks :)

Sula: I know! I was so impressed when I heard about all the weight you lost. I had a coworker who once lost close to 100 pounds on WW!