Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dawning Of A New Day

Ha! You all probably think I'm talking about President Obama being sworn in. Which would make the Curious George icon a ::ahem:: curious choice, no?

Nope, not only does the United States get a new President today - but Super Librarian gets a blood relative (one I actually like) within decent driving distance today. The Lil' Sis, the family Curious George aficionado, is currently sitting in the Orlando, Florida airport waiting to board her flight to LAX. Yep, she and the Super Brainiac Brother-In-Law are leaving behind sunny Florida to come live in sunny southern California!

I'll be blunt, California wasn't her first choice. She was gunning for The Super Brainiac to land a job in Germany, which ended up not panning out. Certainly, who could blame her? Germany has beer and chocolate. California has Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Geez, now I'm depressed.

But honestly, I think she's starting to warm up to the idea. If only for the fact that I'll be able to keep her in books. Yep, I've got a tote bag set aside for her already. And because I know y'all are curious, here's what's waiting for her.

Say Goodbye by Lisa Gardner - I've had an ARC of this sitting on my desk forever. I finally admitted to myself that it was unlikely to get read, and I put my name on the waiting list for an audio book copy here at work. Lil' Sis likes suspense, so I thought I'd pass it along to her.

The Dirty Secrets Club by Meg Gardiner - Another ARC that sat on my desk forever, and another book I wanted to read but knew I wouldn't be able to find the time. Incidentally, I just started this one on audio book. The narrator isn't the greatest, but the story is intriguing so far.

Money Shot by Christa Faust - As has been known to happen with books I highly enjoy, I ended up with several copies of this one. Since I have a shiny autographed copy sitting in my keeper stash now, I have an extra to pass along. My Lil' Sis needs to get in touch with her inner angry feminist like I need more books, but I think she'll get a kick out of this one. Also of note, this book was just nominated for the Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original.

In Too Deep by Portia Da Costa - Lil' Sis loves erotica almost as much as I do, although our tastes don't always mesh. For example, I love erotica with "baggage" and "issues" (think Megan Hart) while she's more a "Get over it chica and get to the hot lovin'!" type of reader. As long as it's "fun" without being "silly" and the heroine isn't a total brain-dead twit, she'll more than likely enjoy the book. This one should be right up her alley.

And I think that's it. For now. I've already told her the first chance she gets to drive to the Bat Cave she can have free run of my erotica collection. Seriously, that's how much I love my Lil' Sis. I don't share my erotica with just anybody.


Barbara said...

That's great, Wendy! I'm originally from Chicago, so most of my family is still out there. I miss them. It's nice to have relatives close by. Most of the time anyway ;)

Rosie said...

That's so great! I hope you had a great evening. It's awesome having a sister close by isn't it?

Big Sis said...

Tell 'Lil Sis to send that copy of Money Shot my way. By the time (book rate) the pony express gets it to me the semester will be over. However, if she wants to keep it tell her I can always get it from KPL or request KPL to pick up a copy for me.

Liza said...

It's so great to have family live close by. My sister is several hours away, but we try to get together once a month.

Portia Da Costa said...

Ooh, I hope Lil' Sis likes ITD!

Wendy said...

Big Sis: Will do! I had an ARC at one time, but I think I might have chucked it. Damn! Oh well, you're in school right now, so I know you don't have time to read. On the bright side, when you do have time, you'll probably finish this book in a couple of hours.

Are you keeping a list of stuff to read over the summer? Because remember, new Sweet Potato Queen's book out right now! I'm waiting on an audio copy at work.

Liza: I'm really excited! I can't wait until they get settled into their own place (they're in corporate housing right now!) so we can get into some sort of visiting routine.

Portia: I'm thinking she'll enjoy it. Like I said, she likes "fun" and "light" erotica - no heavy angst, no off the wall bizarreness - so ITD should work for her.

Lil Sis said...

Ok, I haven't been on here a bit with the move - and I didn't see this until today (when you brought the books by). But thanks again! I need to finish my Harris first - I lurve me some Vampire Bill. :) But I'll jump on those next. I'll probably read the erotica first while DH is out of town - can't read scary books if he's not home. I'll just creep myself out - not like he'd protect me - he'd probably sleep through someone breaking in. Or say, "I'll stop the robbers laaaaater." :)

PS: Did you mention Germany also has FANTASTIC beer? Oh, and if I see Paris Hilton on the street I might have to hit her with my car. But you do have Clooney here and I'm so going to attack him (in the good way - well, good for me, not for him probably since he liked skinny models.) Ok, tangent, I'm sorry. :)