Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This Is Not My Fault

As stated on this blog many times before, I cut my teeth on mystery/suspense novels. As all consuming as my romance reading addiction is - mystery novels are my first love. They just are. Doesn't matter on the type either. Cutesy cozies featuring clever cats, or gory blood-practically-dripping-off-the-pages serial killers. I'll read 'em all.

This will date me, but oh well. Patricia Cornwell was recommended by my Older Sister's Mother-In-Law. At the time, Older Sis did not read suspense novels (she does now however). So she passed on the nugget to me that "MIL said The Body Farm by Patricia Cornwell was really good."

So as a teenager, I read it, loved it, and devoured the other books in the series (for the record, The Body Farm is in the middle of the series).

But over the years, the series has suffered. The author started straying from her trademarks (the cool forensic "stuff" and the grisly crimes) to focus on her characters, much to their detriment. Didn't stop me from reading though. I blame the fact that I started on this series as a teen, and damn me, I'm nothing if not painfully nostalgic. Still, Trace was the last one I bought. Predator was the first book I "checked out from work." And I was lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC of The Book Of The Dead. So I was hoping for an ARC of the new book, Scarpetta to show up at the office as well. No such luck. So on the waiting list I went for a library copy.

Then I got an e-mail offer from Sony. Damn their eyes, it was a 50% off coupon for one ebook. A little voice chirpped in my brain, "Gee, I wonder how much they're selling Scarpetta for?"


That would mean with my coupon, I'd be paying $5.99 for an electronic version of a hard cover print release.

Nevermind that I can barely recall the last Cornwell book I flat out enjoyed. It's only $5.99!!!!

So I bought the damn thing. I'm currently justifying it to myself by reasoning that a work copy is currently on the way to me, and I'm leaving for my Family Christmas Extravaganza on Saturday. I really only want to take my loaded Sony Reader with me, and not have to haul a hard cover book around while I'm navigating Airport Hell.

This jusification is almost working. I still feel like a drunk who just fell off the wagon though.


Tracy said...

LOL I feel like that sometimes. Unfortunately when I do that the ebook tends to sit for a while before I get to it.

Kati said...

I used to LOVE the Scarpetta series. Never liked her others. My favorite was listening to them on audio.

But, I would have jumped too. I do the same thing with Audible. When they send me a coupon, no matter what, I buy. And I justify it by being all, "Well, it would normally cost me $13, and now it's costing me $2." Doesn't matter whether I actually need a new book on tape. Can you really ever have too many?

Liza said...

I haven't read a Cornwell book in a while. I think the last book I did read in the series, I really didn't like. Will have to look into the last few.

BTW, half price coupon for an ebook is a great reason to go on and buy the book. I get 25% off coupons every week from either Borders or B&N and always go and buy at least one book...wonder why my tbr pile keeps growing and growing.

Amy said...

Regardless of what you think of the book, I think the 50% off coupon for the ebook totally justifies the outcome...;-) See how much you saved?

I've been curious about this latest one, but am no where near as caught up in the series as you. I'm still in my euphoric "Hey, the Scarpetta series ain't bad at all" phase, but then again I've only read 3 or 4.

Wendy said...

Tracy: I'm going to plow through some Harlequins, then probably start Scarpetta. The print copy showed up on my desk this morning - and wowzers! 500 pages! I'm kind of glad now I bought the ebook, because I so don't want to haul a 500 page hardcover through the airport this weekend.

Kati: It's hard to pass on those coupons, especially when they're so good! I mean, how could I resist 50% off?

Liza: Well, you aren't missing much. I think the last one I liked was Black Notice (and a lot of readers disagree with me!). The last two books have had better endings - but the first 3/4 of the books were real slogs.....

Amy: You haven't even gotten to my favorite book in the series yet! I loved, loved, loved From Potter's Field. That might be the best book in the whole series, says I.

Karen Scott said...

I keep saying that I'll never buy another Scarpetta book, but I know full well, I will. Sigh.