Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Month That Was December 2008

I am planning several posts that will dissect my reading habits during 2008, but for now here's what I managed to get done in December. I wish I could say I ended 2008 on a high note, but alas, I only managed to get five books read. Two of which were short stories from Harlequin. I'm not sure they "count" as "books," but hey, I'm desperate. Not to mention sad that I've been such a reading slug this year.

What A Scoundrel Wants by Carrie Lofty, Medieval England, Grade = B+, Full Review.
  • A well-written book featuring "different" character-types that took me forever to get through. I found the first half a bit of a slog, given that the characters didn't trust each other and were so morally flexible they would have sold their own mothers if the opportunity presented itself. The second half worked a lot better for me, mostly because trust starts to make an appearance and the characters stop fighting each other and their feelings.
Her Montana Man by Cheryl St. John, Western (Montana), Harlequin Historical, Grade = B, TGTBTU Review.
  • I've read better by St. John, but this was a good, solid western. I've got a weakness for romance heroes who have long-standing "crushes" on the heroine before they hook up, and this guy is tough-guy-strong with a gooey-marshmallow-interior. Loved him! The heroine was pretty good too, although I do think she could have confided in the hero much, much sooner.
Notorious Lord, Compromised Miss by Annie Burrows, Regency England, Harlequin Historical Undone, Grade = C+, TGTBTU Review.
  • I've quickly become addicted to these Undone eBook short stories. Hero and heroine, neither anxious to marry, become friends and fall in love. Lots of nice dialogue and I enjoyed the banter between hero and heroine. I did feel the writing was a little abrupt, which is why I didn't grade this one higher.
High Seas Stowaway by Amanda McCabe, 16th Century Caribbean, Harlequin Historical, Grade C+, TGTBTU Review.
  • I picked up this one because I enjoyed an earlier HH Undone story by McCabe, and because of the setting. I generally enjoyed it, although I found the heroine's motivations unclear and therefore she came off a little too "wishy-washy" for my tastes. Nice hero, fantastically lush setting, and a sea-faring romance. A good bet for those of you desiring a historical that doesn't take place in the U.S. or England.
Layover by Megan Hart, Contemporary Erotic Romance, Spice Briefs, Grade B+, TGTBTU Review.
  • This spicy eBook short story hit the spot! Hot, sexy and featuring a heroine who "takes charge" without going into full-blown dominatrix mode (not that there's anything wrong with that). I liked the "happily for now" ending and felt it fit the story - but if you're a reader who demands a wedding ring and a pregnant heroine knocked up with triplets at the end, it's probably not for you.


Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I really got to start reading Megan Hart!

Tracy said...

Oh me too. I keep hearing such good things about her!.

I like your list Wendy. There are a couple here that I need to look into getting.

Liza said...

I've only read 5 books so far in December too. I'm hoping to finish up my 6th one tonight.

I've not read any Megan Hart books, but sounds like I should give them a try.

Lori said...

I'm so glad that you mentioned having a hard time getting through What A Scoundrel Wants. I was about 125 pages in & considering giving up. After reading your comment I decided to give it a few more chapters. At about page 160 it clicked and I ended up really enjoying it. Thanks!