Monday, December 8, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering

How I spent my weekend:

1) Christmas shopping is done.

2) Holiday cards are done and in the mail.

3) Doing enough laundry for a family of six. I swear, every T-shirt we own between the two of us was in my laundry basket.

4) Cleaning two very smelly bathrooms. I deserve combat pay. Just saying.

5) Ironing. Because I was an idiot and did the laundry. Next to scrubbing soap scum out of the bathtub, ironing has got to be my least favorite chore. And damn my Midwestern blood, I'm too cheap frugal to send this stuff out to the dry cleaners to have them do it. It goes against everything I believe in.

6) Trying to convince My Man that watching the dreadfully inept Buffalo Bills just isn't worth the aggravation and heartache. On the bright side, they aren't quite as dreadful or inept as the hapless Detroit Lions. Still, they're painful to watch. We're both currently on the lookout for a nice cushy bandwagon to hop on for the postseason. Who will it be?

7) Not doing any reading. Seriously, none. It is not remotely funny how behind I am. It makes me sad.


Kati said...

Wendy, look at it this way, you could be watching the Redskins, which is also an exercise in horror.

I think the Bills and the Skins have to be two of the biggest disappointments of this season. To start off SO well, and just implode after. It's nauseating. Don'tcha think?

little alys said...

You finished shopping already? Gah! I need to get started. Don't know how you do all of these things in one weekend. Bathrooms, cleaning...ironing. O_o
Don't worry, books will wait for you. :D

Wendy said...

Kati: The problem with Buffalo is that they started the season with a weak schedule and churned out 4 wins in a row. Factor in the Tom Brady injury, and a lot people started talking about "good" the Bills were. Um yeah - no. No they're not. They've been an exercise in mediocrity ever since the late 1990s. Now they're true colors are showing and it's really depressing. Especially since Miami is getting good again - and frankly, nobody except dirty Dolphin fans want to see THAT happen.

Alys: It helped that I knew exactly what I was going to get everybody - and luckily most of the stores I had to go to were in my immediate neighborhood.

Lori said...

1) Christmas shopping is done.

2) Holiday cards are done and in the mail.

I hate you. Just sayin'

Liza said...

I only have a handful of gifts to still buy, and plan on finishing up on Friday.

I say go for the Titans! We still have the Texans, Steelers, and Colts to play before the playoffs. The Texans, Steelers and Colts are all playing really well right now, so we need lots of people cheering for the Titans.

Tracy said...

Laundry and Bathroom cleaning DO deserve combat pay - you're so right!

OMG and how organized are you that your shopping and cards are done. I'm so jealous right now. :)

Kristie said...

Hey at least us here in the Detroit area don't have to make the decision on whether or not to watch the Lions... we can't. The games haven't been selling out, Thank God. The team, management, and owners are all just horrible. It is really pathetic. Now the players are starting to turn on the fans who spend their hard earned money to come and support them... especially with the Detroit area in such a depression. What a joke.

Rowena said...

You're finished shopping already? Gosh, I wish I lucky duck. But then again, I'd rather do last minute shopping then clean smelly bathrooms, so yeah combat pay should be yours! =)

azteclady said...

I would hate you for being so ahead with the holiday stuff but... I'm reading :grin:

Wendy said...

Liza: The Titans are out. I've moved on (mostly because I place a lot of blame on the Bills ineptitude), but My Man cannot and will not get over The Forward Pass. Sorry, that would be The Music City Miracle to you all. At this point, as long as the Cowboys and Patriots crash and burn I'll be a happy girl.

Kristie: LOL - I didn't even think about the blackout rule! I'm glad you don't have to watch the suffering.

Everyone else: As for having my shopping and cards done? Remember, I don't have children. That would be the #1 reason why I'm done.

Big Sis said...

Don't brag about the cards being done. You didn't even SIGN mine!

Wendy said...

Big Sis: OMG! You're kidding! LOL

In my defense, I was doing laundry, cleaning smelly bathrooms, and trying to do Christmas cards all at the same time. Hopefully I didn't do that to anyone else!

Big Sis said...

"cleaning smelly the same time" EEEEEWWWWW! Coal for you this year.

Wendy said...

Big Sis: Save that coal for yourself. According to Yahoo it's 26 degrees where you are!

And for the record - I did wash my hands after cleaning the bathroom.