Thursday, December 25, 2008

Festive Gnome Parts

A joyous and Merry Christmas to all of you out in Blog Land. In honor of the season, and in celebration that 95% of the craziness is now done, I've dug up one of my favorite holiday TV clips. In this episode of Murphy Brown, Murphy and the gang had decided to not buy gifts for people this year and instead donate money to charity. Naturally, mayhem ensues.

Happy Holidays everybody!


Leslie said...

I snuck online before going to my mom's for dinner and I'm so glad I stopped by here. I'd forgotten how much I loved watching Murphy Brown. Thanks Wendy! Hope you and your family are having a wonderful Christmas.

Wendy said...

Leslie: I know, wasn't Murphy Brown a great show? My Lil' Sis and I always reference this episode around Christmas time. Especially if we're procrastinating on our holiday shopping. "If I don't get to the store soon, everyone will be getting gnome parts this year...."