Thursday, November 20, 2008

Your Librarian Fantasy Come To Life

One of the positive things to spring out of my recent Wild Fire Drama, were all the lovely e-mails I got from lurkers. I'm always pleasantly surprised by how many people "read" my blog, but don't comment on it. Something to keep in mind you newbie bloggers out there.

Anyway, I got an e-mail today from longtime reader and lurker e., who told me about a funny librarian related clip from the TV show, Bones. And don't you know - I had to track it down.

Poor Booth. He isn't the first man to have a librarian fantasy, nor will he be the last.

In other news, my in-laws (OK, so we aren't married but we've been together for almost 11 years so get off my back....they're my "in-laws") are coming for a Thanksgiving holiday visit. They fly in on Saturday. Yeah, that pretty much means I'm going to spend all day tomorrow cleaning our apartment from top to bottom. Oh, and doing a little something called grocery shopping. I still haven't bought a darn thing in preparation for The Big Thanksgiving Gorge Fest. Although thanks to my Mommy, I now have the family stuffing recipe. When it's just me and My Man, it's Stove Top all the way - but for his parents? I'm willing to throw in some effort.


Casee said...

I cracked up when I watched this episode!!

Tracy said...

Don't all men at some point in their lives have the librarian fantasy?

Lil Sis said...

I lurve Bones - I'm all about Booth - yum-o! :)

Anonymous said...

Lurker here. Totally thought of you during this scene! Going back to lurkdom now. Lucy

MoJo said...

grocery shopping

I'm sorry, but I don't know this phrase. Could you explain?

Wendy said...

Mojo: Certainly. Grocery shopping = buying food. My kitchen cupboards and refrigerator are empty.

sybil said...

When are you guys getting married?

::runs giggling::

Wendy said...

Sybil: I can tell you're under house arrest at your Mom's. You're starting to get punchy.

sybil said...

OMFG yes and they have left me here out in BFE. I was like take me to my apt at least if I die I will be close to the medical center.

Didn't go over well. Then they threatened to have my grandmother come up (they live down the street on 'rents property) to babysit me.

I hate my life and to top it off I am in pain. whine whine whine