Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Little Miss Crabby Pants Gets Famous!

Regular blog readers will recognize Little Miss Crabby Pants, who tends to make an appearance when we are unamused here at the Bat Cave. Her origins aren't all that glamorous. One day I wanted to get all Ranty McRanty about something or other and went trolling through my image hosting site to find a graphic that conveyed "not happy." This little gal came up - and since I think she bears a strong family resemblance (seriously girlfriend looks like my Mom's side of the family), I christened her Little Miss Crabby Pants and she's been a regular here at the Bat Cave ever since.

Color me surprised that Little Miss Crabby Pants soon developed a following among some of my blog readers. And really - who could blame you? She's cute as the dickens, isn't she? So it was with great amusement that I read an e-mail that Catherine sent me recently.

Seems our dear Catherine was surfing around over at Etsy (awesome site by the way) and came across these cranky girl dishtowels. I happen to love the description that the seller included:
"Go on - let the family know how you really feel. Give 'em the stink eye with your cranky dishtowel."
Oh man, I wonder if I can order these in bulk for my mother and sisters? Just in time for Christmas even!

Thanks Catherine! Here in the Bat Cave, we love to be amused.


Portia Da Costa said...

I could swear that LMCP piccie is me as a kid!

I certainly remember something in the family album very similar, and I was a dreadful child.

[Still am...]

Lori said...


I think my sister would be offended if I got these for here... hmmmm......

Barbara said...

LOL! That's cute!

Liza said...

LMCP's picture looks a little bit like one on my mother at about age 5. Love the kitchen towels.