Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Month That Was September 2008

There's a reason I only started doing these monthly reading recaps recently.

I hate publicizing what a terribly slow reader I am. Seriously, snails read faster than I do.

So distract you all from the dismally, sad month I had I'm putting up the latest naughty librarian picture I stole from my image hosting site. I'm also going to play up the fact that the Super Librarian parents were visiting for a whole week this past month, and I didn't read a single, solitary word while they were here. OK, I did go through the Sunday newspaper with my Mom, but that doesn't count. Here's my sad, pitiful recap:

Reckless by Selena Montgomery - The hero is to die for (yummers!), and I did get sucked into the story despite the fact that the heroine is a compulsive liar. Then I got to the "ending." No ending! None! No closure! Wendy mad! Wendy smash! For lack of a better word, I felt "manipulated" into reading the next two books in the trilogy. Won't do it. Final Grade = D. Review over at TGTBTU.

The Rebel And The Lady by Kathryn Albright - A western set against the backdrop of the invading Mexican army showing up at a little place called The Alamo. A very hero-centric story, that features a strong-principled heroine. I did feel the ending was a little rushed, which I'm blaming on the word count of the Harlequin Historical line. One of the few times in my life that I wished a book could have been a couple hundred pages longer. I got sucked in, and didn't want it to end. Final Grade = A-. Review over at TGTBTU.

As Darkness Falls by Bronwyn Parry - An "only published in Australia right now" publication and the author's debut romantic suspense. Loved the gritty tone of the story, the Australian outback setting (not romanticized in the least - hoorah!), and I found the suspense thread compelling. Also enjoyed the complex characterization of the heroine, and the hero is suitably heroic. Sure do hope it gets picked up by a publisher here in the States. Final Grade = B+. My review can be found here. Oh! And the author giving away a copy of this book, regardless of where you live on the planet Earth. Deadline is October 13. Head over there now!

Yep, you read that right. Three books. Three measly books. Here's hoping I have a more productive October.


Portia Da Costa said...

Love the image! Have an ITD promo on November... I might be sneaking back here to do a bit of 'borrowing'... oh noes, cringingly bad librarian type joke!

azteclady said...


You read a helluva lot for work, Wendy, it makes sense you don't have the time or energy to read for pleasure.

(That was my mother the ex-librarian's excuse for three solid decades, might as well 'borrow' it :wink: )

Rosie said...

Hey, I've slept with a librarian. Does that mean what I think it does????

Wendy said...

I'm not going to clarify Rosie's comment. Let's give 'em something to talk about ;-)