Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'll Take Potpourri For $100 Alex

Here at the Bat Cave, the royal we hit a speed bump insanely early Monday morning when I ran afoul of some sort of stomach bug. This basically meant I didn't sleep, and spent a lot of time sitting on my bathroom floor. Fun times! The good news is that once I got sick, I felt better. The bad news is that I didn't sleep. At all. No really, I think I got about two hours. Instead I stayed up and read a Harlequin Historical western cover to cover.

The book in question was Rafferty's Bride by Mary Burton. Now, I don't know if y'all have an author like this (maybe it's just me), but I always read Burton's westerns in a matter of hours. Then when I'm done? Yeah, all the details fly right out of my head. I have absolutely no recall when it comes to her books. It's weird. Rafferty's Bride was a shade below "OK." Of course now it's been two days and I can't recall why the story didn't work better for me. Oh yeah - the identity of the villain was obvious, and even though it was actually logical for a change, the completely gratuitous virgin widow revelation annoyed.


Completely random thought for today: I popped in the Revolver CD by The Beatles on my morning commute and damn, I had forgotten what a totally awesome song For No One is. Don't believe me? Gotta love YouTube.


Anyone else watching My Own Worst Enemy? I'll admit it, I have this completely bizarre "thing" for Christian Slater. I know, I know ::sigh::. Don't ask me why. It's probably the biggest skeleton currently residing in my closet. In my defense the show also features Alfre Woodard, who is seriously kick ass. Love her!

The first episode left me underwhelmed. I didn't hate it, and I didn't love it. Which is code for Wendy Will Watch A Couple More Episodes To See If It Kicks Up A Notch. Well did it? Well Monday's episode (#2) was really very good. And My Man was tre' impressed that they ended it on a really dark note. He tends to poo-poo "Hollywood Endings." I do too, when they aren't logical. I mean, if you're setting up the story to take a dark turn, don't yank the wheel to the right and give us a Care Bear Ending, OK? It just annoys.

Anywho, I wouldn't say I'm officially "hooked" yet, but I'm finding it entertaining. And hell, it isn't a reality TV show and that shoots it's stock up by at least 700 points right there.

Also, you have to admire Slater. He's like the Little Engine That Could. I mean, nobody is ever going to confuse him with Brando, but he's stuck around long enough to make an actual career for himself. Gotta admire that.


In other news, expect more updates over at my Upcoming Historical Romances wiki in the next day or two. I hit a different database here at work, and found scheduled releases through August 2009! I also figured out why I wasn't getting better hits. I forgot one of the cardinal rules I learned in library science school. Sometimes fewer search variables will yield you better results.



Maria said...

Hey Wendy - I'm a Christian Slater fan. I think he's underrated as an actor and I was excited that he was coming to the small screen. Heck, I was excited fall was here -- that means dramas are back on TV. However, this season has left me a bit underwhelmed.

I tuned into My Own Worst Enemy and had the same reaction you did - I think I'll give it a couple more tries. After the second viewing I think this is the kind of show that slowly sucks you in. I think the show has promise, but it's a slow build.

MayberryMom said...

heh. My husband talks just like Christian Slater. You know that weird not quite lispy thing he has going on? Yeah, hubs does that. It's the first thing I noticed about him. I was in line for dinner at the college cafeteria and I thought to myself, "which guy behind me talks like Christian Slater?" and the rest is history. LOL Hubs hates that I tell him that he talks like him. His first comment, "I sound like that weinie?" *sigh* He doesn't get the bizzaro thing us women have for that man! LOL

Sayuri said...

Wendy, you are not alone with your CS fetish. *wink*

I was so in love with Christian Slater when I was younger. Pump Up The Volume, Robin Hood and Untamed Heart. Three mediocre films made great by Christian. *sigh*... Damn, now I am going to have to find PUTV and watch it.

Bev(QB) said...

*sigh* Not only did I pop over to YouTube to listen to For No One, but I then just kept listening to song after song. It's truly amazing how gifted they were, isn't it? Thanks, Wendy for the trip down Memory Lane.

Wait a minute! WHY am I thanking you?! Here I thought I'd spend lunchtime catching up on my Google Reader backlog and instead I spent the whole time listening to Beatles tunes!

Ah well, at least I'll be spending the rest of the day with In My Life playing softly in my head. That song is just flat out brilliant.

azteclady said...

That thing you have for Christian Slater? I do too. Don't ask me why, but since he played Will Scarlet I've crushed him.

Kati said...

OK, can I be the first to poo-poo Christian Slater? Well, except in Heathers. He was awesome in Heathers. Or maybe it's just that Heathers was just plain awesome.

Any, Slater? He's short and he has an incredibly nasal voice. That doesn't bother anyone??

Just me, huh. OK.

*slinks off*

Maria said...

Oh Kati - I'm so disappointed. I really liked Christian in the sappiest, corniest movie ever made, Bed of Roses. But I smiled through the whole movie.

Wendy said...

"I say rise up in the cafeteria and stab them with your plastic forks!"

Sorry, Pump Up The Volume flashback there.

MK: Don't worry about it. My sisters will most likely disown me after reading this blog post.

Seriously, if lovin' Christian Slater is wrong, I don't wanna be right!

Maria: OMG - Bed of Roses! It's like the corniest chick flick ever, and damn, I sorta kinda like it too.

I feel a bit dirty for admitting that out loud....

Bev: YouTube is the biggest time suck on the Internet. I've lost days because of YouTube.

Emily said...

Hi Wendy ~
Thanks for the wiki, it's my new obsession. My husband may not thank you though because now I am making lists of books.

Also, My Own Worst Enemy? Eh. The end of the first show, I thought, ok this is decent. Then the second show ... my attention is still captured but I wanted to like Edward and I just can't. But I'll keep watching.


Rosie said...

I was doing something, writing a blog post maybe and GG had MY OWN WORST ENEMY on. I think I absorbed more of the show by osmosis than he did because he fell asleep. I did mention after the first half hour that I didn't see it lasting long.

Wendy said...

Emily: Well, technically we don't know if Edward did what we think he did. I mean, that is the logical conclusion, but....I wouldn't be surprised if the writers pulled a rabbit out of their hat here.

I find the story fascinating. An exaggerated example of one man's subconscious with his "good angel" and "bad angel" fully on display.

Rosie: Well, you're probably right because I think the ratings haven't been all that good. I believe they lost viewers from Episode 1 to Episode 2 - which kinda sucks since I thought Episode 2 was better.

shauna said...

Hey Wendy! I am enjoying the show, its a nice break from all the cop and CSI shows! There is just something about Christian Slater, his voice and swagger...LOL..
I want to know what the "Hummingbird" is!!!

little alys said...

I got "Shotgun wedding" by Maggie Osborne. ^_^ The Promise of Jenny Jones is not available. *pout*

Christian Slater isn't my type, but he's still nice to look at. ;)

There's actually a lot of authors whose books I've read, somewhat enjoyed, and promptly forgot. >_<