Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another Hot Friday Night At The Bat Cave

My Man: There is nothing on TV. I mean, nothing.

Wendy: Well, we still haven't watched Speed Racer yet. How does a terrible movie sound?

My Man: Yeah, go ahead and put it in.

2 hours later....

Wendy: Wow, this is bad, but not nearly as craptastic as I thought it was going to be.

My Man: It helps when you have absolutely no expectations.

Wendy: I see this being the new "acid trip" movie for college students across America. Who needs The Wall or Willy Wonka? Speed Racer is like a technocolor brain aneurysm. Plus it's got a monkey in it.

My Man: It's a little boy movie. Your nephew is going to be all over this in another four years.

Wendy: Christina Ricci was pretty cute though dontcha think?

My Man: Way hotter in Black Snake Moan.

Wendy: Since when do you have a thing for trashy looking girls?

My Man: I don't. I have a thing for naked girls.

Wendy: Yeah, I guess she's wearing nothing but her underwear for like 95% of that movie...

My Man: Yeah, hotter.

Wendy: ::eye roll::


Barbara said...

LOL, that was so cute! I have yet to see the movie, though.

Maria said...

It sounds like you had the same Friday night I did. But we didn't watch Speed Racer. We saw '21' and I had to turn it off 1/3rd of the way through.

shayera said...

My 3 year old nephew loooooooooves Speed Racer. My brother and sister in law, not so much. Himself, on the other hand, is obsessed.

Tracy said...

LOL too funny. Haven't seen Speed Racer - now I won't. :)

Barbara said...

I've awarded you with an "I Love Your Blog".

Liza said...

My middle niece(14) loved Speed Racer and tells me all the time I need to watch it. Really don't plan on it anytime soon.

Nikol said...

I never wanted to watch that movie and now I really don't want to.