Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mysterious Happenings

Ok, so I dropped out of sight for a few days. Let me just say, work has been kicking my ass! Even though I have to spend time with my mechanic tomorrow (the Super Librarian mobile is overdue for an oil change), I am so looking forward to having tomorrow off.

As promised in my last post, I thought I would highlight the two mystery panels I set up for my library's upcoming literary event. I'm particularly pleased with both of these, and hope they're a smashing success.

We've had successful mystery panels in past years, but they've been very oriented towards traditional mystery and/or the cozy crowd. Folks, I wanted some men this year. I wanted suspense. I wanted thrills. I wanted some testosterone. Brett Battles was the first to accept, and one of the very first people I contacted. He's relatively new to the scene, is local, and the premise to his series totally rocks my socks (the hero is ex-CIA who cleans up crime scenes for a shadowy government agency).

Through him I made contact with Robert Gregory Browne, who, bless his soul, was at RWA in San Francisco. I met him personally at the huge-ass Literary Signing and let me just say - he looked a little overwhelmed. He's got a new book due out in February and Kiss Her Goodbye blends suspense with a touch of the supernatural.

David Rosenfelt (or as I like to call him, The Guy With The Bright Green Book Cover) has written numerous books and his most recent, stand-alone title, got very good reviews.

And since I landed some men, how about some women as well? Living and working in California, I thought it would be a neat idea to feature women mystery writers who use California as a setting for their novels. See, I'm always looking for an angle. Also, one of my great joys in this job is being a subversive little monkey. Let me explain:

I really wanted to land Cameron Cruise, because her paranormal suspense series is set locally. As in, so locally that we have a branch library there. This was a no brainer folks. She doesn't have a web presence, so it took me throwing myself at the mercy of Stella Cameron for me to make contact. Romance authors have got to be the best darn people in the whole world, and much love to Stella! Anywho, romance readers might know Cruise from her romantic suspense novels, which she publishes under the name Olga Bicos.

I "knew" Michele Scott's name, but landed on her as a potential panelist because she's a member of the San Diego chapter of RWA. Plus she writes two (count 'em two) cozy mystery series (one about wine, one about horses).

Last but not least, is Dorothy Howell. I know, y'all are thinking "who?!" Well, Handbags and Homicide is her first published mystery, but romance readers might know her by another name (Sybil and KristieJ I be looking at you). Yep, Dorothy Howell is none other than long-time Harlequin Historical writer Judith Stacy! And better yet? She now has a web presence for both names! Yeah, yeah, yeah - her mystery series sounds like a lot of fun and it takes place in Los Angeles, but y'all know I really just wanted to get my copy of Married By Midnight autographed.

Kidding, I'm kidding! I actually love the idea of having a "newbie" on the panel and while Stacy has been around the block, this is her first published mystery and the start of a new series.

See, subversive. I wanted a mystery panel and I got it by working the romance community. I can't help it. It's a sickness I tells ya!

And that's it. For now at least. In other work news - I've officially been asked to moderate the romance panel. Again. Which means y'all get to look forward to me doing more homework reading.

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Kim said...

You've got a great panel there!

I love David Rosenfelt's Andy Carpenter series. Ok...mostly because of the cool dog...and he has a great sense of humor.

Once again, I live in the wrong part of the US. :(