Monday, September 15, 2008

Doing The Yeah I'm Done Happy Dance

Longtime readers of this blog will recall that last spring I was knee-deep in homework reading for the annual literary event my library puts together. Since it seems I'll forever be known around the office as "Wendy The Romance Novel Girl," the past two years it has fallen to me to 1) find romance authors willing to pimp themselves out for the day and 2) moderate said romance novel panel discussion. Now, I haven't been asked to be the moderator for our third annual event (yet, anyway) - but I was told to "find some romance authors." Again. As an added bonus, it also fell to me to find some mystery authors this year.

In what is sure to be the grand irony of our time - I had two mystery panels set and ready to go months ago. The romance panel? Yeah, not so much. In fact, my third and final slot on the panel was just taken today. Which means I'm done. I can stop sweating. Unless I'm asked to moderate again, which means another round of "homework reading."

This blog mostly being about all things romance-y, you're probably wondering what authors I got to agree to this day of madness. Here is goes:

Kathleen Givens, who I met at RWA in San Francisco and was flabbergasted to find out she lives locally. As in, so locally that we have a branch library in her town. Duh! Obviously I skipped right over her name while perusing the local RWA chapter site. She writes Scottish historicals.

Chris Marie Green, who just confirmed with me today. Mostly she's going to be on the panel to talk about urban fantasy and paranormal romance, but she also writes for Harlequin under the name Crystal Green.

Christie Ridgway was the first to confirm, bless her heart, and rounds out the trio with her contemporary romances. My desire for the romance panel at this event has always been to display the diversity that the genre offers. Which means I really, really shoot to get authors who all write "different" things. Historical, urban fantasy/paranormal, and straight up contemporary. Yep - mission accomplished.

And because I know some of you are curious - a future post about the mystery authors I rounded up will eventually follow. While I think the romance panel is going to kick some major booty, I'm also really pleased with the two mystery panels I set up. Go Team Wendy!


Kristie (J) said...

Dang but I wish you didn't live so far away!! I'd be there if I lived closer.

Rosie said...

High five SL! Way to go.

little alys said...

Where? Where? Which branch? I want to go!

Wendy said...

Alys: Saturday April 4, at the new UC Irvine Student Center. As it gets closer, the branch you visit regularly will have promo material out. Promise! Also, not sure on how much tickets cost yet. I'm not on that committee! LOL

azteclady said...

Go team Wendy!


BookBukNut said...

Got to go to the Central Ohio Fiction Writers Conf. last Sat. and heard Mary Jo Putney - she's great! Also got to meet Karen Harper which was quite a treat as well. Best of luck with your panels!!

little alys said...

Whee!! Team Wendy! Okie doke, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it.
And start saving money ;)
Borrow instead of buy. I am in a library, right? LOL