Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Battery Babe

Pudge Rodriguez Says:
"Seriously man, I thought it was safe to come back to southern California. I'm not a Tiger anymore. I was traded to the Evil Empire. My magnificent butt is now wearing pin-strips. Why is that crazy woman in the cape and tiara still following me? Wait a minute....she's throwing batteries! Run Jeter! Run and save yourself!
Every year my parents come out to visit I take them to an Angels game. I just do. It's gotten routine now. Little did I know when I bought these tickets for the Yankees vs. Angels day game that I would see my boy Pudge wearing an evil, dirty Yankee uniform. Damn. I'm still not happy about it. Especially since we got Kyle Farnsworth out of the "deal." Bah!

I can assure you though, I won't be throwing batteries. Not that I wouldn't love to mind you, but because it would likely embarrass my mother, and it would mean my father would have to bail me out of jail. The old man suprisingly lacks a sense of humor about such things.

Sorry Pudge. I love ya. Truly. But Go Angels!


Barbs said...

ROFL go get 'em girl!

I watched the lowly A's beat the Tigers! LOL both teams seem to be BAD! but there is always NEXT year!

Cathy in AK said...

My apologies for being insulting to Pudge, but maybe the Yankees will trade him to the Mariners. Yeah, there ya go.... We could use a little somethin' on the field. And his having a magnificent butt surely won't hurt. I'd watch more games.

Big Sis said...

So, does it look as good in pin stripes?
I'm betting no.

Wendy said...

Barbs: I'm watching fewer and fewer games now, but don't think I didn't notice that my lowly Tigers lost to your lowly A's.

Cathy: Well, his contract is up this year. I'm thinking he'll head back to Florida, but it will probably boil down to what team gives him the longest term contract.

Big Sis: He ended up not playing because he got in a kerfuffle with Torii Hunter Monday night and they both got suspended a couple of games. Instead, we got to look at Jose Molina's butt - which pales in comparison.

Nikki said...

Surely you got by the evil pinstripes to check out that awesome ass (i love the alliteration of that phrase--awesome ass). add astounding.
Did you get to see it--no, no, no, I mean, HIM at all?