Monday, August 4, 2008

Last Random Tid Bits About RWA

As much fun as going on a trip can be, the best part about "vacation" is coming home. It was an uneventful car trip home, although every time Rosie and I stopped to tinkle, there was a line of about 45 women waiting to do the same. I swear that's why it took us an hour longer to get home than it did for us to drive up to San Francisco. I'm so glad I carpooled with Rosie this year, because it made the drive go by that much faster. And even though we both picked up many goodies at the conference, I was able to fit all of it in my Honda Civic (my father, car packer guru, would be ever so proud of me).

Once I got home, The Boyfriend was quite happy to see me. He did a nice job of picking up after himself, so I shouldn't have too much cleaning today. Although I'm thinking of writing a screenplay called The Laundry That Ate The Librarian. Seriously. It's just the two of us. For goodness sake, how can two people generate so much laundry? Sigh

So that's what I'm going to be tackling today after I get motivated and buy some groceries.

A couple of last minute thoughts on RWA:

1) They need to hold the conference earlier in July. Why? Because the baseball trade deadline was July 31 and I can't be expected to enjoy the conference while my team completely loses it's damn mind. RWA board members - are you reading this? I think this is a perfectly reasonable suggestion and y'all must cater to my every whim.

2) I just wanted to say something about the hotel. We did have a few snafus, but the staff was helpful, courteous, and the problems were resolved in a timely, efficient manner. Hey, with that many people descending on one hotel, there are bound to be some problems. There just is. But we had very good costumer service, and I thought the staff handled the craziness well.

3) I know San Francisco is an expensive city, but I thought it was ideal for hosting a conference of this size. For one thing? I didn't feel like I was "trapped" in the hotel. It was terribly convenient to walk to a restaurant for a meal. I was able to park my car at the hotel and not move the darn thing until we left on Sunday morning.

4) I met and chatted with so many people this past week that I know I'm forgetting some. A big shout out to all the readers/bloggers I met, the local RWA chapter folks I met, and to The British Brigade of Portia Da Costa, Madelynne Ellis, and Saskia Walker. It was lovely to meet all of you ladies in person!

Because I learned my lesson after last year's conference, I took today off of work. I have laundry to do, groceries to buy, some light cleaning, and new books to pet. Tomorrow it's back to the office, where I plan to pass out goodies I picked up to coworkers. This was more of a working conference for me than in years past, so I also have to put the finishing touches on the "work stuff" I had to deal with at this year's RWA. On that score, it was a very productive trip indeed, and I hope to put some of my current projects "to bed" starting this week. Amen.


Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I still can't believe I paid $14 dollars for a martini. People think NYC is expensive? Pfft. My drinks are under $10 there.
But I have to agree with you about SF being a nice place to have a conference. And the hotel was nice, especially with the bar being right smack in the middle of everything. :D
I am ignoring my laundry.

little alys said...

Almost all of the money I spent was on the food. Food and transportation. I wonder what next year will be like. :D

~ames~ said...

Glad you had a good time Wendy. I'm enjoying living vicariously through everyone's blogs. :P

azteclady said...

Welcome back, Wendy!

Liz said...

Well, I certainly enjoyed RWA through your eyes. Sounds like a grand time.

Wendy said...

Glad to be back! After working my tail off all day, I think I'm finally caught up on all the "big stuff" here at work. Now I just need to mop up the small things and get back into something that resembles my normal routine.