Friday, August 1, 2008

Blazin' Fun

Well after the full rich day that is Wednesday at RWA, Thursday at the conference marks the formal kick-off. I skipped the Opening Session and opted for sleeping in (ahhhh!) then breakfast out with Rosie, Lisabea and Katie(babs). Kristie is a girl after my own heart, and opted for a more leisurely morning decompressing in our hotel room.

After breakfast we came back to the hotel where Harlequin was hosting a signing of Blaze authors. Turn out was fantastic for this event, and I think that took them a little by surprise. I theorized with one author (I think it was Cara Summers) that it was probably because the work shops hadn't started yet and there was no "competition" for peoples' time. The highlight of the signing for me was getting a copy of the Blaze anthology, What I Did On My Summer Vacation featuring the fabulous Thea Devine. It was funny because Lisabea, Rosie and I had just been talking about Devine during breakfast, so the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Lisa and I both reminisced about our favorite Devine stories, and how - whether you like her books or not - she was a true pioneer of the genre. I mean, where the heck would all these erotic romance authors be without the ground work done by Thea, Susan Johnson, Bertrice Small and Robin Schone?

Given the long line for Blaze, we finished just in time to attend the Keynote Lunch, which featured Victoria Alexander. I've never read Alexander before, but after her very amusing speech, I plan to! I sat at a table with Kay Thomas, whose debut Harlequin Intrique title is coming out in January 2009. She had the most awesome business cards! Given that she writes suspense stories for Intrigue, her card had a "bullet hole" through them. One of the great things about attending RWA is meeting new, up and coming authors.

After lunch, Rosie, Katie and I attended the "Chat With Nora Roberts" session, which was very interesting. That's exactly what it was....a chat! The entire affair consisted of Nora taking questions from the audience. I loved hearing about her writing process, her experiences in the industry, and even "silly" things like what type of stuff can found on her desk.

After Nora, I booked it up to the room. I really wanted to get a blog post done, check my e-mail, and I had a dinner invite I needed to get ready for. As Rosie would say, I needed to "fluff and fold" my hair and slap some lip gloss on. Then it was hooking up with my roomies in the bar. That didn't last too long though, because dang - my voice isn't getting any better. More wine, and more trying to talk over the noise level hasn't helped either.

On a final note, again I apologize for the "bare-ness" of these posts. Also, for the lack of linkage. On my agenda is cleaning these up once I get home, and back on my good ol' bulky desk top computer. Seriously, I'm just not a lap top girl.


Sir-Ox-A-Lot said...

Wendy it is time you get into the 90's and become a laptop gal. How can I sell mobility solutions to governments with folks like you chained to your desk. It is good for you to get out and enjoy the world, blog from a park...ok in LA that might not be the best suggestion, but you get the idea.

C2 said...

Librarians are never supposed to speak above a whisper. Your voice is staging a rebellion. ;-)

Wendy said...

Ox: I would love to not be chained to my desk. Truly. But...I don't know....I just never have been comfortable on a laptop. Maybe if I used it more huh?

C2: Rosie suggested that my heartbreak over Pudge Rodriguez becoming a Yankee robbed me of my ability to speak. Not a bad theory - but then, neither is yours!