Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Walrus Was Paul

Well folks, here I am in San Francisco. Tuesday is always a mellow day at the RWA conference, because that's when the bulk of the attendees really start rolling in. My day started out around 6:30AM, when I kissed The Boyfriend goodbye, gassed up the car, got my morning caffeine jolt, and drove out to the hinterlands to pick up Rosie. We were promptly on the road by 8AM, and made it to San Francisco is a little over 7 hours (perfect!).

The drive itselft was blessedly uneventful. Leaving from Rosie's was definitely the way to go since we were able to avoid the nightmare that is Los Angeles morning rush hour traffic. Heavens be, I even got to use my poor neglected cruise control! The trip flew by, mostly because Rosie and I prattled on the entire time.

The real fun was reserved for when we got into the city. For those of you who have never been to San Fran, every street is a frickin' one way street here, and parking isn't terribly obvious. After dropping Rosie off, driving several blocks, dodging pedestrians and one illegal u-turn later, I was able to flag down the hotel doorman who gave me directions to the hotel's valet parking. Once I, you know, asked....piece of cake.

Kristie and Katie flew in the day before, so they were out doing touristy stuff when we arrived. We soon hooked up with them, and several other bloggers for drinks at the bar.

Kristie, Rosie and I hit a local bar for burgers for dinner, and this is where things got sticky. Wendy had raw onion on her burger. It was mighty tasty. Despite the fact that raw onion and Wendy don't always get along so well. Yeah, I woke up around 4AM not feeling too hot. No one to blame but myself here - and now I've got Glass Onion by The Beatles wedged like a stubborn ear worm in my skull. Rosie, bless her soul, gave me drugs - and I'm on the mend.

Well, time to cut this short. Today is my busiest day, with the Librarian Event starting in about an hour. Tonight is the big Literacy Signing, and I'm currently telling myself to behave. Will I? Yeah, outlook not so good.

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