Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hello There Sexy

First, I feel the need to apologize for how "bare" my posts are going to look. I'm using The Boyfriend's lap top and frankly, I'm just not a lap top kind of girl. So don't expect lots of shiny graphics. I have taken some pictures, but I'm thinking they'll be posted after I'm back home.

Yesterday was a full rich day. The Librarian Event was, once again, a very good day. I now have a girl crush on Stephanie Laurens, who gave a great talk on biology and the romance novel (trust me, it ruled). I also really enjoyed the historical romance presentation given by Patricia Rice, Jo Beverley, Jodi Thomas. I got a lot of wonderful goodies, that I'm going to have to sort through and post about later. Sigh. Seriously, I'm working on sensory overload at the moment.

The Literacy Signing last night rocked socks. This was the first year I stood in line for a "big name." I hit Nora Roberts' line early, mostly because I wanted to earn major points with a coworker who lurves the In Death books. I know when I take that autographed book back to work, that my coworker will be over the moon. And also, because I'm selfish, I wanted to get a copy of Tribute for myself.

I bought a handful of books, a few for me, a few for friends. I also stopped to chit-chat with a few people. I always say hi to Kathryn Smith (love her!) and Susan Grant, who had her very adorable teenage son with her. I reviewed both of their debut novels back in the day, and loved both of them, so it's like a sort of "kinship." I know that sounds silly, but for me there is nothing more exciting that discovering an author on the "ground floor."

Then the unthinkable happened. I got a voice mail from The Boyfriend. The Detroit Tigers traded my man, Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez. As if that weren't heartbreaking enough.....

Pudge's incredible butt (oh, and his talent as a baseball player) is now going to be wearing Yankee pin stripes. PUDGE IS A YANKEE!!!!!


A dirty, dirty Yankee!!!!!!!!!!

For the love of all that is holy, if you're going to dump Pudge can't he go to the National League? You know, where he wouldn't "hurt us" unless we saw him in the World Series?! Ugh!

Rosie was quite flummoxed by my outrage. Well, mostly because she doesn't give a crap about baseball (I hear some of you thinking, "It ain't just Rosie"). But for me, Pudge and his magnificent butt signifies "hope." Because he came to the Tigers back when the team was an embarrassment. They had just lost 119 games the season before. Nobody wanted to play for us. We were a joke. A laughing stock. And signing Pudge put us back on the road to respectability.

And now he's a Yankee. Seriously. Rosie is keeping all sharp objects away from me. But Kristie. Our dear sweet Kristie, who likes baseball. She understands. She's also keeping sharp objects away from me. Bless both their hearts.

At least I'm at RWA. Distraction is the best cure for a broken heart. Oh and in other news? My voice is shot. I've lost it. This is my fourth time coming to RWA and the first year I've lost my voice. Damn. I sound like a two-bit phone sex operator. Oh well. I probably would find my voice if I stopped flapping my gums long enough to look for it. But who am I kidding?


Nikki said...

I grieve with you. Oh, why, Pudge, why? {sob}

Nikki said...

On another note, The Sox traded Manny! OMG! Well, I guess something had to give.

Liz said...

Love your blog! I've been a lurker for awhile, but I'm enjoying your recount of RWA so much that I had to say Thank You!

Wendy said...

Nikki: Dude, that Manny trade blows my mind. But gotta say, Manny in L.A. amuses the heck out of me.

Liz: Hey, hey - a delurker! Welcome!

I wish my RWA recaps were more coherent. I'm so tired, and my voice is so dead....I'm afraid my blog posts sound like the ravings of a babbling idiot. Well, more so than usual for this blog anyway.

Lil Sis said...

I talked to mom this weekend - she wanted to send you flowers or at least a sympathy card. :)

Sir-Ox-A-Lot said...

We (Yankee fans of the world) welcome into our hearts Wendy's "Pudge".

Barbs said...

baseball will break your heart Wendy. My team, A's, have traded so many this year. Every time I watch it's a new team on the field! AND THEY ARE LOSING RIGHT NOW!

RWA sounds wonderful wish I was there. Didn't even get to go to the signing SOB!

Bev(QB) said...


She's not even on my wish list of Authors-I'd-Like-To-Meet because she lives in Oz and I figured there was never a chance of it. BUT SHE'S RIGHT THERE IN SF AND I DIDN'T GO?!

::dies from acute hissy fit::

Wendy said...

Bev: I know! I knew she lived a gazillion miles away, so I was really surprised to find out she made the trip. "Meet" might be too strong a word. I heard her speak at the Librarian Event, and I chatted with her very briefly when I went to get an autographed copy of one of her books for a coworker. Mostly about how much I liked her LE talk and how much my coworker likes her books LOL.

Very brief. We didn't throw down Jello shots at the bar or anything like that ;-)

Rosie said...

First it's a little weird posting a comment when the person who wrote it is in the same room with you.

*ahem* It's not so much that I don't care about baseball but that the caped Librarian rarely makes dramatic displays of emotion. Wow! Who knew? Still waters and all that.