Tuesday, July 22, 2008

For My Michigan Peeps

When it comes to book orgies, I've been spoiled living in southern California. There's more of everything out here - traffic, people, pollution, earthquakes, wild fires, sunshine and naturally, book stores. It also means there are more authors living out here, which means book signings are fairly easy to come by.

But when I lived in Michigan? I was a desperate woman. I once drove two and half hours to the Detroit area to attend a signing that Susan Wiggs was at. She signed my ARC of The Firebrand, which is still lovingly housed among my "keepers." I once went to see Debbie Macomber at a local signing, regardless of the fact that I had never read her (I since have, and have really enjoyed a couple of her books). When I attended my first RWA conference way back in 2002? I was still living in book-signing-deprived Michigan, so you can imagine how insane I went at the Literacy Signing. It was ugly folks. Really, really ugly.

Anywho, I was surfing around and landed on Jade Lee's web site (which I think is gorgeous by the way) and noticed she's doing a book tour this fall of Meijer stores in the southern part of Michigan. Coincidentally, it was on a tour like this that Susan Wiggs was on, when I hopped in my car and headed for Detroit.

I just checked out the roster, and damn skippy - if you're a romance reader living in this part of the world I encourage you to check it out. Authors on the schedule include: Jade Lee, Jessica Anderson, Kresley Cole, Allison Brennan, Kathryn Caskie, Elizabeth Hoyt, Kristan Higgins, Angela Knight, Susan Mallery, Sophia Nash, Gena Showalter, Sherry Thomas, and Roxanne St. Clair. Whoa doggie!

For a complete list of authors, plus dates, times, and stores where they will be signing - check out this page. I check my stats, and I know I have some Michigan readers out there. If you attend one of the signings, be sure to tell them Super Librarian sent you. Assuming, of course, they know who the hell I am - and most of them probably don't (although I know for a fact that Allison and Sherry do!). Still, it sounds cool for me to say that.

Dude, if I was still living in Michigan, studly cabana boys wouldn't be able to keep me away. If anyone decides to attend, be sure to give me all the dirt!


ireadwhat said...

We have studly cabana boys? Where?


Kati said...

Shit! See, nothing exciting ever happens in DC. Except, OK, Nora. But other than that. NOTHING!

I would TOTALLY stalk Gena Showalter, who I just love! Oh! And Kresley Cole! And probably Jessica Anderson, who I corresponded with not that long ago, and she was lovely. And, OK, I also love Rocki St. Clare. DAMN IT! I'm jealous!

I'm actually surprised Colleen Gleason isn't gonna be there. She in Michigan. I think. Have a terrific time!

Wendy said...

Ireadwhat: Hey I just said studly cabana boys couldn't keep me away - not that there were actually any in the state. I'm guessing there are some somewhere though. I mean, Michigan is surrounded by water. Maybe those studs are just keeping a low profile.

MaryKate: I wish I was going - but I'm not. I'm not planning any trips home until probably Christmas. I do so hope that some of my MI blog readers attend though - cuz dang that's a sweet author line-up.

jenifer said...

So all those authors are going to be at my Meijer (yes, it's my Meijer) at the very same time? And they were smart enough to schedule the Ann Arbor visit on a Saturday that does not have a University of Michigan football game?

Does it matter that I've never read any books by any of those authors, though I did get to see Tom Grace on an author panel at a book festival last year? Maybe I can pick a few and read something by them in the next two months. This does sound like fun!

Wendy said...

Jenifer: I wondered about that, because dang, that's a mess of authors. I'm *assuming* they'll all be there at the same time - but you might want to check with your local Meijer store when the date gets closer.

It's a similar book tour that Susan Wiggs was on several years ago when I saw her in MI. They had all the authors on a bus, and drove them to the various Meijer stops. It was really cool!

Cathy in AK said...

At least you were able to drive to a distant location for fabu events like that. An hour drive takes me to the end of the road and a glacier. Very nice, very pretty, but they are not known for acknowledging their adoring public.

Even if they were to schedule a book signing, trekking to Anchor-town (the most logical location for an out of state author to show up despite the stupid implication of "Men in Trees") requires a whole lot more planning and cash than I can justify. Le sigh.

Never thought I'd be jealous of anyone living in Michigan ; )
(Don't hit me, Wendy. I'm just kidding.)

Angeleque Ford said...

Thanks for posting this.

I'm always on the look out for book and author signings in around the Metro Detroit area. I've always said Detroit is an underused market. Maybe that's why I set all, well most, my books here.

I usually have to drive an hour to Ann Arbor, when they do have them there. Or half and hour to Westland. Hopefully I won't have to work that weekend.

I appreciate the info.

Alie said...

You think Michigan is bad? Try living in South Western Ontario where you have to drive 2 hours into the hell that is Toronto to see anything worthwhile. :( We don't even have Target, Wendy!

big sis said...

Hey, they'll be right around the corner from me! Too bad I'll be in school or I'd go name drop. "Hi, I'm Super Librarian's sister. Yes, the Super Librarian."