Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Mom Thinks I'm Cool

Besides being a venerable book orgy, BEA is also a time to do a little celebrity watching. There's always a few there, promoting their latest children's book/biography/health/fitness title. Most of the celebrity book signings require a ticket and standing in long lines, and honestly, I had me some bigger fish to fry. That said, I did stand in line for one such signing.

When I heard that Victoria Rowell was going to be there, signing the newly released paperback edition of her memoir, The Women Who Raised Me, I knew I had to try and meet her. For those of you who have no clue who she is - it's Drucilla Winters from The Young And The Restless! At one time or another, all the women in my family have watched Y&R and we all adored Drucilla. She was the one character on the show that would say exactly what we were thinking. So having the chance to meet Victoria Rowell in person? I wasn't going to pass that up.

The meeting itself was fairly uneventful. She had a nice, long line of people waiting to see her, and she was very conscious of that fact. She really wanted to make sure everybody got through that line, got their book, and got to meet her. This was very nice of her, but it also meant there wasn't a whole lot of time for chit-chat. Probably a good thing because it gave me less time to say anything too incredibly stupid. Basically I told her that my mom, sisters and I adored her on Y&R and that we all remembered when she first came on the show. To that she let out a laugh, shook my hand and thanked me for supporting her writing and acting.

When I talked to my family this weekend, I told them all about meeting Drucilla:

Older Sis: That's cool.

Lil' Sis: I knew it! I knew she wasn't dead! That fall off the cliff didn't kill her! (fans of Y&R will totally understand where Lil' Sis is coming from).

Mom: OMG, OMG! I can't believe! OMG, I can't wait to tell Carol at work! Get out Wendy! You met Drucilla?!?!

My mom's reaction was the best, because you'd think I'd just met the Pope. Then I told her, "Yes, Mom. I met Drucilla. And I even got a copy of her book, autographed and personalized to you."

Mom: OMG, don't mail it! It might get lost in the mail! Save it for when your father and I visit in September.

Seriously, I love my Mom. I could have met Mary Higgins Clark, John Grisham and Stephen King and she probably would have said, "Oh, that's nice dear." I meet Drucilla Winters, and I'm a rock star. My 15 minutes of fame in my mother's eyes.


azteclady said...

Your mom is the coolest, Wendy!

~ames~ said...

LOL Your mom is funny - worried about her book getting lost in the mail. It's still a valid worry. :P

Sounds like BEA was a good time. I'm jealous. hehe

Cathy in AK said...

That's so sweet that you got the book personalized to your mom.

You're a good daughter.

Kristie (J) said...

LOL - so did she say if she was coming back on the Y&R? The show just isn't the same without her! And Neil is single again.......

Lil Sis said...

Wendy - I remember being at Girl Scout camp and mom would write letters about what was happening on Y&R but she would write like they were real people! "You won't believe what Victor did today! And then Jack said..." My friends thought they were our relatives until I explained it! :)

Wendy said...

Kristie: I was so flustered I didn't ask. Head, meet desk. So I snooped online and Rowell said she was agreeable to coming back if she were asked. But so far, they haven't asked. Frankly if they do bring back Dru and they recast the role with a different actress? Just not going to work. Rowell owns that character.

Lil' Sis: I know! When I would call home from college, I'd talk to Mom about Y&R like those characters were "real." Then my roommates would be like "Who's Jack? Who's Sheila?" LOL They were all ABC soap watchers.....