Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fresh Book Goodness

The reason my blog has been dormant the last couple of days is because I spent the weekend at BookExpo America (BEA), which this year was back at the L.A. Convention Center. To say I was looking forward to this weekend would be a gross understatement. I've literally had it on my calender for well over a year.

First I have to give a shout-out to my home girl and fellow librarian Shayera. She gave me a very valuable BEA-first-timer suggestion - a spreadsheet is your best friend. I completely mapped out my plan of attack prior to the convention on a spreadsheet. So much easier, and handier, than flipping through the huge-ass program guide (that was about the size of Lonesome Dove - no joke). Also, she bought me tea! I know - like how sweet is that? A breakfast Earl Grey from Lupicia Fresh Tea. A lighter Earl Grey, and very tasty. Yummers!

I'm planning several posts about BEA, but I first wanted to share with everyone my biggest coup. BEA opened it's doors on Friday morning at 9AM. By 9:30AM I had the two books I was dying to get in my hot little hands.

Laura Levine was not there, but her publisher was, in full force. Kensington had one of the nicer booths, with oodles of books on display. Copies of Killing Bridezilla were up against a back wall and I innocently asked if they were available as giveaways - to which the nicest woman working there said, "Oh yes, please take one." Squeeee! I restrained myself and did not kiss her on the mouth.

The moment you've all been waiting for. Yes, I met Chelsea Cain. Yes, I have in my hot little hands, a signed ARC of Sweetheart (laydown date September 2). Let me say they had ARCs of this book all over the place at BEA. Seriously. Major promotional push on the part of St. Martin's. Anyway, meeting Chelsea Cain, I told her about how I book-talked Heartsick to a group of little old ladies. She found this story quite amusing and this is how she personalized the ARC to me:

To Wendy: Keep this away from little old ladies. Heart, Chelsea

And just to tease you all - OMG, the snippet that's on the back cover of the ARC is to die for. So I'm closing out this blog post with this deliciously evil teaser. Enjoy!
"I want to see you."

He could hear her breathing. Her long, light breaths only made his breath seem more strangled.

"Soon," she said.

"Then you're still in the area?" Archie asked, glancing up at Henry to make sure he heard.

She took another breath, exhaled. "I want to be close to you."

"Where are you?" Archie asked.

"Where are you?"

"Gretchen," Archie said. "Don't kill anyone else, okay?"....

The line went dead and Archie sat with the phone in his hand, only then realizing that he had been gripping it so tightly that his fingers ached.


Jenifer said...

Wendy - You're evil! Not serial killer evil, but really, you feel good taunting us with that back cover copy? I'm so jealous!

Rosie said...

Way cool SL. Now is this an industry type of convention or can any ole person go?

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

OMG Wendy!! You are so awesome. :D

Alison Kent said...

Damn you. Damn you AND Chelsea Cain. Heh.

shayera said...

Hey Wendy!
I was go happy to meet you as well.
And I'm still so sore from all the walking. I keep looking at the mountainous pile and thinking "well darn! I missed this book or that book."
But as much fun as always.

azteclady said...

Holy wow!!!! I want that book! OMG, that's a crazy good snippet. Me want, me want me want!!!!


Welcome back, Wendy. Glad to know you had a good weekend.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Hey AL!! You stole my line! :P

Amy said...

I'm not a bit jealous...*sniff* Not even a little bit...

I'm only insanely jealous! I want the Chelsea Cain book, like, last week!

azteclady said...

katie(babs) you were here before me, it's not my fault you didn't use the line when you had the chance.


Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

:P at AL!

See my inner 4 year old is breaking out!

azteclady said...

Breaking out of where? I thought that was her on your cute-as-can-be avatar :grin: