Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Strange Bedfellows

My library's Interlibrary Loan department is right across the hall from my office. Incidentally, they have the most well-stocked candy dish in the entire building. So when I go over there to get my Hershey Kisses fix, I also like to take a look to see what our patrons are requesting from other libraries around the country.

Today I saw several sweet, chaste, innocent-looking Regency romances by Marion Chesney sitting next to a less-than-innocent-looking Connie Mason romance. I can't imagine anyone besides a fellow romance reader will understand, but I found this rather amusing.

Tomorrow, I get a life.

Hacker Gate Update - My Amazon account is back in business! Which means I think I've mopped up this entire mess in six days. At least I'm hoping....


Rosie said...

SL, congrats on the speedy mop up. Time to shed the Haz Mat gear, huh?

CindyS said...

Second the congrats on cleaning up after asshat (I can say that here right ;)). You did that in record time!

I made an e-bay purchase a couple years back and it took me three months to get the money back. Did it come from ebay or from paypal and their handy-dandy 'protected payment' shopping? Hell, no. They told me to call my Visa company! Visa re-imbursed me immediately but I was so pissed because it wasn't Visa's fault and Paypal advertises how it's fraud protected. Ugh.

So I'm glad your story has come to a quick close!

BTW, my favourite cover is from a Katherine Sutcliffe from 1989 about. It would be considered a clinch cover of the worse kind but there was something so passionate about it back then.