Friday, May 16, 2008

I Earned It!

Little did I know that when I made an appointment to go to the spa today that I was going to need it so desperately. I'm still persona non grata over at Amazon, but I'm hoping someone will eventually answer the e-mail I was instructed by their customer service department to send. In the meantime, I apparently "broke the rules" when it came to posting items for sale and those have been deleted. Well, gee - ya think? It was all stuff the idiot hacker posted to my account!

And can I just whine about what a bitch it is to think up entirely new nonsensical passwords?

Hopefully the entire day I have planned at the spa will restore well-being. This was another one of my awesome Christmas gifts from The Boyfriend. Yeah, I'm just getting around to using it. And did I mention how much I need this today?

In the meantime, while I'm getting pampered and hopefully finding myself in a better, less blood-thirsty mood, head on over to The Good The Bad The Unread, where the Harlequin SuperRomance Spotlight rolls on. Today, it's an interview with Debra Salonen.


Janicu said...

I'm having a similarly awful day. I hope that little cretin gets caught somehow. And that your day gets better.

Wendy said...

Great day at the spa - BUT, I came home to discover the asshole hacker f*cked with my eBay account as well. Luckily, eBay was right on top of it, and temporarily suspended me. But some good news! The asshole didn't breach my PayPal account! Yippee! Still, I changed the password just to be on the safe side.....

azteclady said...

Oh crap, Wendy, I hope they find him and roast him soonest.

The asshat!