Monday, April 7, 2008

Wendy's Weekend

I had a busy weekend, hence my dropping off the face of the Blogosphere. Saturday was the Ye Big Author Event I've mentioned a couple of times before, and it went well. Of course, I'm off work today and am missing the "debriefing," so all of my coworkers could very well be saying, "Gee, it went well except Wendy really blew chunks as the romance panel moderator." Somehow I don't think so though, since this was the second year I've done it. I mean, if I sucked so bad they wouldn't have asked me two years in a row right? Hey, and even if they do think I suck, it doesn't matter because my Mom thinks I'm cool! So there!

Speaking of my mother, I talked to her and my Lil' Sis over the weekend and relayed the story to them about my day of book pimpage to the Little Old Mature Ladies and how some of them commented that I was a "fantastic actress." This is how much love I get from my family - they both laughed uproariously. Geez.

The big news from this weekend though is our new TV. At Christmas I asked The Boyfriend, "Um, what do you want for Christmas?" To which he replied, "Nothing. I'd rather try to buy a new TV this year." And since his job is going well, and my job is going well, and we've been saving money like good little monkeys, we bought a new TV this weekend. I've taken to calling it The Pacifier. An LCD, flat panel that is 46" glorious inches. The colors! The shiny! The moving pictures! We caught some of one of the Star Wars movies last night, and it was tre' awesome! I might never go the movie theater again (except for when the new Batman movie lands) and wait for everything on DVD.

This new TV also means I get to watch my Tigers in all their 0-6 glory. Getting swept by the White Sox I can handle (just barely, cuz Lord knows I hate me the White Sox) but Kansas City? The Kansas Frickin' City Royals! Ugh! Not only that, it's making me look bad. My father, blood of my blood, asked me yesterday, "What have you done to the Tigers?!" Nothing Dad! I haven't done anything except love them, and give, give, give. And this is the thanks I get. Oh, and it's Boston on the road starting Tuesday. Yeah, that should be fun. I think I might beat the summer rush and schedule a lobotomy right now.


Cathy in AK said...

Yesterday, I got to watch the Mariners snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on our flat screen HD TV. Le sigh.... Is it my imagination, or do sports team losses hurt more when they come in crystal clear?

Kristie said...

Isn't it horrible about the Tigers? You wouldn't believe all of the coverage around here about it. It is almost like the world is coming to an end. It is hard to watch. At least my Wings start on Thursday!

Alie said...

Oh I do love me some TV too! We just got a new Philips 32" Widescreen HDTV and it's fab. We're loving it. Enjoy your's!

Wendy said...

Cathy: Yeah, watching them lose in higher def. definitely does suck more. That said, the green, green grass sure does look purdy.

Kristie: So, so glad I'm not in Michigan right now. Note to self: Call Big Sis. Ask if BIL is drinking more. Or doing drugs. Or stocking up on rope.

Alie: Good news, we love the TV! Bad news? I haven't read a single word in over 24 hours.

jmc said...

My Orioles are doing well...but the Eeyore within me knows that they'll tank soon enough. Ten losing seasons in a row make me fairly confident of this. Watching the pretty, pretty grass and the pretty, pretty men on HD is nice, though.

Cathy in AK said...

JMC: Your Orioles totally spanked my Mariners this past week. Well, except for the game where the Mariners spanked themselves ;)

I do love the pretty grass and the pretty men (we don't have much of either where I live, my DH being the rare exception) so there is some compensation for watching the team tank.

azteclady said...

Stopping by to say hi.


(I have nothing to say--between not watching anything until it comes out in DVD, and having one of the oldest functioning tvs ever... :sigh:)