Thursday, April 3, 2008

Random Bits Of Wendy Wackiness

OK, am I the only one who feels like they've been sleepwalking this week? I've chalked it up to The Boyfriend being out of town (he's back tonight!), but dang, I just can't seem to clear my head.

This has been a full, rich week and it's culminating on Saturday with Ye Big Author Event I posted about some time back. I'll be wearing a couple of hats that day 1) getting authors signed-in and 2) moderator of the romance fiction panel. Yeah, I'll be that girl. Books have been read, discussion questions have been formulated and I wrote up my introductions yesterday. At this point I'm as ready as I'm ever going to be.

My Detroit Tigers just got swept by the lowly Kansas City Royals. Ah, that's the team I know and love! I knew there was a reason I buried my head in the sand when the various analysts started talking about how "dominate and fearsome" my team was going to be this year. Ha! Sometimes it pays to be a natural born skeptic. Also, I'm feeling slightly vindicated because I told The Boyfriend the other day that "I wouldn't be surprised if KC doesn't finish in the basement of the AL Central this year," and he thought I'd fallen on my head.

There's cover art on Amazon for Chelsea Cain's Sweetheart due out this September. Ummmm, gotta say I haven't been real wild about the cover art they've been giving her. That's a thumb print by the way. I'm sure it will make sense once I read the story (the cover art for Heartsick did), but I'm not sure this will grab the attention of browsers. Who knows? I've been wrong before and I could be wrong again.

In other book news, I took the opportunity last night to dig through my TBR and unearth all the 2008 RITA-nominated books I had lying about. The plan (Ha!) is to get them read prior to RWA this July. Of course, the plan was also to read more "old" TBR books this year, and so far that's been a bust. I also need to plow through some more of my HSR backlog for a project I'm working on, and I'm still working on Private Arrangements by Sherry Thomas. Speaking of, it's shaping up to be a mother of a review to write because I'm having a totally mixed experience thus far. I feel a bit like a yo-yo. I just passed the 100 page mark though, so lots of time left to finalize and vocalize my thoughts. And yeah, I know I have to read faster. I just need to get my butt motivated, which has been tough given that I feel like I've been sleepwalking all week.


azteclady said...

You said, "it's shaping up to be a mother of a review to write because I'm having a totally mixed experience thus far."

Man o man, yes, exactly!

If I love a book, I can rave. If I like it a lot, I can say why. If I dislike it, the same. But what can you say when some parts are excellent and some parts are awful, or even simply bland?

Cheryl St.John said...

I want to know how reading all your RITA nominee books goes. What an ambitious goal. I usually buy those in the categories I entered (and of course always read the others if I'm a finalist).

Rosie said...

Ambition thy name is SL Wendy. I read by whim so setting a goal would totally freak me out so much I'd probably not read at all. The TBR Day is about all I could handle.

Wendy said...

Azteclady: Review posted. See above.

Cheryl: I just counted. I have 10 RITA-nominated books in my TBR. In theory, I should easily get those read before July. But knowing me I'll flake out or get distracted.

Rosie: I think I can do it because I've got a little bit of everything in my RITA-nominated pile - rom/sus, category, contemporary, historical.... That said, see my comment to Cheryl above LOL