Monday, March 3, 2008

Whine And Cheese

I have been a bad, bad girl. Unfortunately, while it was all fun for a short amount of time, I hit rock bottom over the weekend. That's right kiddies, it's time for me to go back on my Diet From Hell.

I fell off the wagon around the time of the California wild fires. It was hard for me to take my afternoon constitutional when I couldn't breathe the air outside. Then it was the holidays, and well everything just went to hell in a hand basket then. After that? I just got lazy (this is not a huge stretch for me), and my eating habits, which are unhealthy on a good day, got downright atrocious. All too typically, all of this bad behavior started catching up with me. I have a gastrointestinal condition that when I'm exercising, drinking plenty of water and eating marginally healthy is very easy to control. When I'm not doing any of those things? I don't feel so hot. Of course did I take any of this as a sign? Heck no! And I kept chugging on, being the naughty little monkey that I am.

Until Sunday morning when I woke up around 2AM with Acid Reflux From Hell.


When I was eating better, drinking water and staying away from naughty, oh-so-delicious foods my GI issues were a lot better and I didn't have one, not one, case of acid reflux. But Sunday morning at 2AM, I found my breaking point. Time to go back to eating food with all the flavor of sawdust (OK, I might be exaggerating that) and get back on my walking routine (1+ miles, 5+ times a week).


This personal responsibility stuff is for the birds. And with all the great scientific minds out there, how come no one has found a way for me to lose 20+ pounds while sitting on my ass butt reading romance novels? C'mon, I mean what's up with that?

Today is the first day of the end of my life. So far I've gone for my one mile walk, eaten fruit and veggies. Gah! Ok, so I did have a cupcake today because it's my coworker's birthday. But I only had one cupcake and not the 2 (or 3) that I actually wanted. Seriously, lacking all impulse control when it comes to food really is trying sometimes. Where's a magic bullet when you need one?


a real librarian said...

I hear ya!! My healthy lifestyle change took a nosedive these past few weeks, too. I am back on it, today - fruits and veggies and some yoga!

We can do this!!!

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I would be all for the wine and cheese diet.
But then I would be quite drunk and in the bathroom most of the day.

Cathy in AK said...

For me, dieting is like going to church: only when I have to and then no more than once or twice a year, if that. Sure, the guilt is there, but mine is a very forgiving god, if not a forgiving waistline ; ) But I do try to squeeze in fruits and veggies more often than chocolate. Yes, I DID have a V-8, thank you very much.

But excercise? Are you kidding? It's raining like mad and icy. Yes, I'm lazy.

Good luck to you, though, Wendy! I'm pulling for you!

Rosie said...

Uh-oh did our lunch contribute to the acid reflux episode? Been there, done that and not in a good way. I walked 3 miles and it took my whole dang lunch hour. Being good sucks.

Wendy said...

ARL: I need to get back in yoga. I'm so hopelessly out of shape that I could work up a good sweat, and it really helped with my flexability (or lack thereof).

Katie: I've done the wine and cheese diet. That's why I'm now on the Diet From Hell.

Cathy: Truth be told, it's the exercising thing that kills me. I am so colossally lazy....

Rosie: Not lunch - but the junk I ate for dinner was the culprit. And yeah, being good blows.

sula said...

aww, sorry to hear about the acid reflux thingy. Been there, done fun at all. :(

re: dieting, I gotta say. Last year at almost exactly this date, I joined WW and it was the best thing I ever did. No diet, but a way to manage my eating. I still love food (and have my cake and eat it too) but I'm the one in control and not the other way around. And 70 lbs lighter too. S'riously. Problem with diets is that when you deprive yourself of something, you just want it more. Then you come to a breaking point where you toss the whole thing out the window and end up right where you started. So figuring out how to still eat the stuff you like but in moderation and getting in all that healthy stuff, it's a beautiful thing. Um, so anyways. That is my $.02. *gets off soapbox* lol

But I definitely need to do more yoga. I'm a total lazybones for exercise. ugh.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Gad! what is it with librarians! I think we all have an oral fixation...or maybe it is all that loving to read thing. We'd rather be sitting nice and cozy under a comfortable throw, with a nice cup of tea, maybe a cookie or two, reading our romances,mysteries, etc.

Sigh! now I feel more guilty than ever about all the food I ate (and enjoyed) on our cruise and you've made me feel guilty that I haven't started my annual RETURN TO GOODNESS! Its too icy to walk! ARGHH! Where is the magic formula or ritual or deal with the devil that lets some people eat everything and stay the same where one cupcake goes straight to my thighs.
I feel your pain!

Wendy said...

Sula: I almost have to diet because my food choices are so horribly bad. For one thing, I have a tendency to eat way too much fast food. Way, way, way too much. The diet basically consists of more fruit, more veggies and no fast food. Also, I don't cut out chocolate, but try to curb my tendency to binge on it.

I've known several people who've had a lot of success with WW. I once worked with a woman who lost 100+ pounds! I've never been able to get the hang of portion control. I figure if a little bit of something tastes good, a whole lot more will taste even better! LOL And congrats to you! Losing 70 lbs in one year is amazing!

Anon: I know it. Librarians just have this thing about food - and alcohol. Ever been to an ALA conference and seen librarians drink? We're like a bunch of sailors on shore leave!

Gwen said...

Wendy - for YEARS (years) my mom has thought she had a hiatal hernia, reflux, etc., etc. Then she developed what she thought was Restless Leg Syndrome. Neither one were steady, every day kind of things, so she didn't worry about them too much.

Then she started experiencing anemia she couldn't explain. So the doc put her on iron supplements, did a colonoscopy, blood tests, etc. Found nothing.

Then we did some research on our own and found her diagnosis: Celiac Disease.

She stopped eating gluten and all of her problems, including the acid reflux, have vanished. Within a couple of weeks she felt better than she had in years. The wheat allergy had actually damaged her upper intestine so much she was malnourished.

CindyS said...

Ah, a friend with tummy troubles - only mine don't go up the pipe ;)

In the past year I have discovered that there are foods I can no longer eat - which is good because before now I never knew what would trigger my tummy to have a blowout.

I started WW in January but I can tell ya that I have been slipping back to some of my old ways. Way too many french fries and pop. We'll see what weigh in brings this week.

And good for you for walking so far on your first day back. I tend to be wheezing and hacking after the first five minutes. Exercise is the one thing I haven't incorporated into my diet yet.

Cause I'm lazy.