Sunday, March 23, 2008

Best Name Ever

I like to torture The Boyfriend and watch a handful of baseball spring training games every year. It's a chance to watch some of the young minor league prospects play before they get shipped out to various affiliates. Everyone from highly touted first round picks to some scrub that's been languishing in AAA ball for the last four years. I love 'em all.

In Friday's Detroit Tigers vs. Toronto Blue Jays game, the Jays were pulling guys out from the parking lot (I think they had one starter in their whole lineup). The Boyfriend (the resident, disgruntled, "Whoopie we're going to finish third and miss the playoffs again" Jays fan in our household) had heard of this one kid though and I have to say I hope he makes it in the Majors if only because he has the coolest name ever.

Chip Cannon!

How fantastic is that name? It's part 1970s gay porn star, part James Bond. That's a name just begging for a theme song. I started doing my best Shirley Bassey impression - "Chip Cannon! The man, the man with a miiiigggghhhhtttty bat!"

Heck, wouldn't it be a great name for a romance novel hero? I'm thinking a Navy SEAL who suffers from PTSD or a former FBI agent who blames himself for his partner's death.

"Chip Cannon! The man, the man with a miiiigggghhhhtttty bat!"
Best name ever. Seriously.


azteclady said...

I'm giggling like a hopeless idiot here. Oh man, now I'm gonna be humming...

Gwen said...

I always thought Kirby Puckett had the best baseball name ever.

Cathy in AK said...

That is a great name for a baseball player, but I can't see a Navy SEAL named Chip. He'd get his arse kicked all through basic, let alone SEAL training. Unless he was REAL tough and put the hurt on anyone who gave him a hard time. Now that would be a guy to admire ; )

Wendy said...

Gwen: But you can't put "Kirby Puckett" into a bastardized version of "Goldfinger." Too many syllables.

Cathy: You might have a point. One of the sons on My Three Sons was named Chip, and Navy SEAL material he wasn't. Of course if you're going to share a name with a character from My Three Sons, better Chip than Ernie IMHO.

Kristie (J) said...

Aaaaahhhhhh Baseball will soon be with us again! My sons were over the other day and predicting that the Tigers would take the whole thing this year.
And not only does he have a cool name - he's not bad to look upon either. and he is a Jay. I likey that.