Saturday, February 16, 2008

We Heart Emilio

How is this for totally cool news? Emilio Estevez plans to follow up Bobby with a movie about librarians! This almost makes up for the Mighty Ducks franchise, Young Guns II and his marriage to Paula Abdul.
The story is loosely based on a Los Angeles Times op-ed piece written by Chip Ward, a retiring librarian in Salt Lake City, which discussed the epidemic issue of libraries becoming de facto shelters for the homeless and the mentally ill in light of many social program cuts.
Yeah, it was kind of a rude awakening upon arriving in California that I was now expected to be a social worker. News flash America, I wasn't exactly trained for that and certainly didn't spend almost six years in college for it. I think this is an idea that can be a good movie, and while I haven't seen Bobby, I rather liked Rated X - which Estevez directed.

So go on with your bad self Emilio! Sloppy wet librarian kisses for you!

Full length Hollywood Reporter article

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Jace said...

Hi Wendy, I've tagged you for a meme - to list six unimportant things about you. I hope you haven't been tagged by someone else already (I looked but didn't see any). Hope you'll join us in this little bit of fun. :)