Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Grain Of Salt

Brace yourself, I'm writing one of those reviews.

I tend to really dislike it when paranormal is mixed with erotica. I don't really know why. Yes, I'm burnt out on paranormal - but I am still capable of liking non-erotic paranormal books. I also love erotica. So what's the problem? No clue. Maybe I don't like the idea that women have to hold out hope that "other worldly" men do exist just so we can all have fabulous orgasms (tongue in cheek)? Whatever the reason, it's always been an uneasy mix for me. If anyone has theories, I'm more than happy to entertain them, cuz I can't seem to find an answer.

So if this is the case, exactly why did I attempt to read Pleasures of the Night by Sylvia Day? Yep, more homework reading. Plus I felt it was important, for homework purposes, to get an idea of Day's other sub genre writing. It's all in the name of being well-prepared.

The premise here is actually quite imaginative. Captain Aidan Cross is a Dream Guardian. He protects Dreamers (uh, that would be us humans) while we are sleeping so the evil Nightmares don't warp our fragile little minds. How does he do this? Um, he has "dream sex" with us. Ladies, you know that dream you had last night featuring you and Brad Pitt in Cabo San Lucas rubbing coconut oil all over each other? Well, that was a Dream Guardian disguised as Brad Pitt so the Nightmares didn't attack you. See, clever.

There's also some intrigue going on involving The Elders (those in power in Aidan's world) and their search for The Key. The Key is allegedly "bad." In their quest for The Key, The Elders decide to send Aidan on a mission to crack one Dreamer's mind. Lyssa Bates is a pretty veterinarian who has always had trouble sleeping. No wonder, the girl can't dream. Aidan has to break through a serious door she's erected, and there she sits, alone in the dark. Once he teaches her to dream though (and they do the nasty), he realizes that she could be in danger from The Elders, who Aidan has begun to question. So off he hops to the mortal world to protect Lyssa, arriving on her doorstep and wasting no time getting down to business.

I'll be honest, I skimmed most of this book. It's not bad, it just ain't my bag baby. I do see it strongly appealing to other readers though. The paranormal aspect is interesting, and the sex is certainly hot enough, I'm just being difficult. The only "complaint" I can hang my hat on is that when Lyssa opens her front door to find Aidan there and she doesn't "know" him. She has a sense of deja vu, but that's it. So - strange, albeit hunky, stud shows up on your front door and what do you do? Have sex with him of course! Then, after a few chapters, he tells her who he is, she suspects he's whack-a-do, but quickly shifts into "I love you," "I trust you" mode. Um, yeah, sure.

Readers should be warned that while the ending is happy, the paranormal aspect and intrigue surrounding The Elders, Nightmares and Dream Guardians isn't wrapped up. Which gives Day more fodder for this series, but readers should be aware that if they want total closure, they're going to have to look for future installments.

So Final Grade = Technically a DNF. I skimmed such a large chunk of it that I don't feel comfortable assigning a grade. Well that and my weird mental block regarding paranormal erotica. If you were to back me into a corner I'd probably fall somewhere in the C+/B- camp - but take that for what it's worth. In other words, break out the salt.


Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I love Day's historical romances. Very juicy! But her paranormal reads are so blah and uninteresting.
We seem to have the same tastes, Wendy *G*

Jace said...

One more reason why I haven't read any of Day's yet! Don't reckon I ever will.

Zeek said...

I keep confusing her with Sasha White- who's one book I read found utterly boring. hmmm, I'll probably never read her either.

Wendy said...

Katie: Hmmm, maybe I'm not the only one then.....

Jace and Zeek: I plan on reading one more historical by Day before I declare my homework reading officially over. I've only read one of her historicals so far (The Stranger I Married) and despite some quibbles I did enjoy it.

Kitten Bitch said...

I'm in the same camp. I love her historicals, but I just read the second book in this Dream Guardian series, and I didn't really like it at all and had to seriously strain myself to remember the first book! So it must not have impressed me either even though she's an auto-read author for me.

seton said...

I thought the book was not bad because succubi seems a little more fresh than vampires and werewolves in the erotic paranormal genre.

Having said that, I had to check if I had read this book or was it the second book in the series that I had read so obviously it wasnt that rememorable. I get the feeling that all the books are basically gonna be the same.