Friday, December 28, 2007

The Year Of The Slump

Between travel and Christmas I haven't been reading. I packed three books with me, and am only halfway through Tempted by Megan Hart. That would be the book I was hoping to have finished last Saturday on the way to Michigan. At this rate, I hope to have it done by the time our plane touches down in California.

I plan on doing a more in depth "2007 Reading In Review" recap once 2008 hits, but looking back it's kind of depressing. I hit many a rough patch, stalled out on books that I should have plowed through, and just suffered from mood swings in general.

I know, me? Mood swings? Shocking!

What's ahead for 2008? Well now that I have a shiny, new Sony Reader (oh how I love that man o' mine!), I think it's going to become Harlequin Central. I love Harlequins, but ever since my move to the west coast I have a hard time unloading them, with the bulk of them go to the library where we sell them for $0.25 a pop. I figure if I can't trade them or take them to the used bookstore, I might as well read them electronically where they'll take up less space! Also, once I get settled, I suspect I'll be looking for ebook recommendations - but I'm not quite there yet. First I have to download the software and figure out how to work the thing.

The Boyfriend and I hit the road tomorrow afternoon for Home, Sweet Home. I'm currently asking everyone to pray to the deity of their choice on our safe, uneventful flights back. If I have to sit on the tarmac again for an hour I'm not sure I'll be able to swallow my rage.

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