Friday, December 21, 2007

That Wasn't So Bad

I was dreading today. Today is (was) The Day Before A Trip. Which means once I crawled out of bed, I hit the ground running. Cleaned the apartment (I even mopped!), did up all the laundry (I even washed our sheets thankyouverymuch), paid bills, hit the bank, confirmed our shuttle to the airport and packed. Then I triple-checked to make sure I packed all the Christmas presents I bought. Yep, there they are. Snug in the carry-on.

Then I had to wrestle with eHarlequin, who still hadn't shipped my order that I placed on December 3. Today I got an e-mail saying my credit card had expired (uh, no not until 2010 morons) and when I called to straighten that out they found a record of my order number with "no books attached to it." So that meant replacing the order online, choosing the Bill Me Later option (which I've never, ever had issues with and frankly I should have just stuck with it) and mentally whined that two of the older Harlequin Historical titles I ordered on December 3 are now "no longer available." Damn.

I have had nothing but good luck with eHarlequin in the past. Their free shipping is about as fast as a transatlantic crossing during the 17th century, but other than that it's always been pleasant. Frankly, I think KristieJ jinxed me.

But I probably shouldn't be whining about books seeing as I own over 900 already.

Speaking of, I made the decision today on what books are making the trip with me to Michigan.

I won't tell you how long I've had an ARC for Tempted by Megan Hart. It's embarrassing really. But I'm a firm believer in reading books "close to the release date" because when I love something I want all the people I gush to about it to be able to walk into the bookstore and buy it right there, that very minute. This is my airplane read and I'm a couple chapters into it already. I loved Hart's first two books for Harlequin Spice, so am anticipating another good one.

Sigh. I'm hopeless. Seriously, never become a librarian. It makes it damn near impossible to quit series/authors that have stopped working for you. You just tell yourself "I'll get it from work. I have to buy it for work anyway, so where is the harm in borrowing a copy to read." Cornwell hasn't worked for me in a long while, but I did enjoy the last 100 pages of Predator so am willing to give Book Of The Dead a go. Well that and we got in two shiny ARCs at work.

I might have mentioned a time or two already how much I'm dying to read this book. Again, another ARC I've had for several month but have been holding back on because the release date isn't until the end of January. But dang, I'm dying to read this one. Money Shot by Christa Faust marks the first book by a female author to be published by the cool boys club that is Hard Case Crime. Plus it's about a pissed off porn star who's a wee bit irritated that she's been shot and left for dead in the trunk of a crappy Honda Civic. I mean, what's not to love about that set-up?

Now it's off to relax. I have to haul my butt out of bed at 4AM tomorrow thanks to our early morning flight out of Dodge. Which just proves that I really do love my family. Honestly, who knew there was a 4:00 in the AM?

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Rosie said...

Loved this post. You covered everything and now that you are all organized and prepped for your trip you seem relaxed? Dare I say in the Christmas spirit? Have a great trip. Your reads look good. Can't wait to talk to you about Megan Hart's book. I really do need to get my review up.