Thursday, December 20, 2007

Head, Meet Desk

Seriously, my brain is mush. I haven't been blogging, I haven't been reading and I leave for Michigan on Saturday. The Boyfriend is excited. No work for a whole week. Me? All I can think about is all the crap I have to do before then.

He's taken to calling me Little Miss Merry Killjoy. Ho, ho, ho!

On the agenda? Laundry, packing, cleaning, and getting everything squared away at work (almost done!). And I really, really, really want to finish Extremely Hot by Jennifer Apodaca before we leave. One, it's a library book and two, I probably should post a review of something over at Paperback Reader.

My week "off" at home isn't shaping up to be very relaxing either. I'm booking up fast. People actually want to see me and ::gasp:: spend time with me. I know, I don't get it either.

Listen to me. Whine much? Just overwhelmed. I hope to blog while I'm "on the road" and hopefully I'll actually have some books to talk about. Wouldn't that be novel? (Ha! Get it? Novel! I slay me!) In the meantime, I say be naughty. Life is too damn short.


Gwen said...

My mom has a cute Christmas decoration that says, "Be naughty. Save Santa a trip."

Cathy in AK said...

Gwen: Your mom sounds like a hoot.

I feel for your preparations angst, Wendy. Here, let me whine along with you : ) I'm a SAHM, so no outside job to juggle, but I have four people's worth of laundry to get ready and pack, must get the house/critter sitter's instructions done and make the house presentable. And deal with traveling from rural AK to "civilization" on an ungodly schedule. (DH is banned from scheduling trips from now on. I don't care how much extra it costs when I do it.)

But I should get some time to read/write, so that's good. And it'll be fun seeing family.

Merry and Happy! Catch you in 08!

Jennifer said...

Happy Holidays, Wendy! It's a crazy time of year for all of us. But at least I'm staying home and don't have to travel :-)

Wendy said...

Gwen: Totally agree. I mean, Santa has enough to do.

Cathy: You win. Hands down, you win. I only had laundry for two people and I don't have pets or children to worry about.

Jen: This week was just so overwhelming. I blame it on too many meetings at work, and scrambling to get everything situated before taking a week off! You enjoy not traveling, although something tells me you'll still have plenty to do!