Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Contest Ho

The ladies over at Book Binge are hosting a holiday contest and the prize is an eBookwise eReader! In the immortal words of Chris Farley, "Holy Shnike!" I realize that I need another way to horde books like I need a hole in the head - but what the hell? I'm going to be honest here, the sole reason I want this bad boy is because it would make traveling oh so much easier. No more packing 5+ books into my carry-on bag. Here it goes:

Christmas Meme:

1. What is your favorite Christmas romance to re-read each year?

Rereading is a rarity for me, so the answer here is, "I don't have one." That said, the one Christmas romance I have sitting in my keeper stash is the most excellent The Nights Before Christmas by Vicki Lewis Thompson (Harlequin Temptation #853). Steamy lovin' and a blue collar hero. Pick it up the next time you hit the used bookstore.

2. What is your favorite Christmas movie/show?

I have several. Leading the pack is probably How The Grinch Stole Christmas. You get the fabulous Chuck Jones animation and Boris Karloff narrating. I try to catch it every year. I also rather enjoy The Year Without Santa Claus, which features the lounge singer stylings of the Heat Miser and the Snow Miser. As far as "grown-up" shows - I'm partial to Scrooged with Bill Murray, even if it is very 1980s.

3. What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

I'm partial to my aunt's butter cookie recipe. Think cut-out sugar cookies with frosting. That doesn't do them justice though, since they melt in your mouth. The only downside is you have to be a touch anal retentive when you bake these and pull them out of the oven at the exact, right moment. But they're well worth the effort. I really should post that recipe here sometime.

My second favorite cookie would be Buckeyes. This is what we call them in the American midwest, as they look like a buckeye nut. Basically they're peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate.

4. When do you start Christmas shopping?

Usually the first week of December. Have I mentioned that I haven't started yet this year? Yikes!

5. Do you re-gift?

Never. Personally I think it's tacky. If you don't like it, return it.

6. What is your favorite Christmas song?

The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) by The Chipmunks and David Seville. I can't help it. Every time I hear it (much to The Boyfriend's horror), I need to sing it at the top of my lungs in my very own "chipmunk voice." I need help.

7. When do you get your Christmas tree?

Ever since we moved to California we don't put one up. I know, I know! We always had real trees when we lived in Michigan, and I just refuse on principal to get a "real tree" in California. Plus we travel every year. One of these years I'm going to get around to getting a nice looking artificial tree. For now though it's a few holiday knick-knacks.

8. Wrapping presents: Love it or hate it?

Hate it - but only because I'm horrible at it. And I just refuse to spend the money to have someone "professionally" wrap them.

9. Who is the hardest person to buy for?

The Boyfriend! He's such a fuddy-duddy. He hates surprises. Even "good" surprises. Plus he has finicky tastes. So we always buy his presents together. How boring is that? In the almost 10 years we've been together I think I've gotten him one "surprise" gift that he really loved - a personal DVD player to use when we travel. The runner up in this category would be my Mother. Or as my sisters and I like to call her Mrs. I Don't Need Anything! It's not about needing Mother, it's about wanting.

10. Christmas tree: Real or artificial?

In the "real" world? Real. In California? Artificial.


Holly said...

#6 seriously cracked me up. I could totally see it. HAHA!

Glad you entered! GOOD LUCK!!!

Rosie said...

We LOVE the Chipmunk song in our house like a fat kid loves cake. I'm running over to BB to get my meme to post. It's too freakin' hard to read on my phone.

lisabea said...


Hope you win :)

Ann Bruce said...

Love the Chipmunk Song, but my fave is Weird Al's "The Night Santa Went Crazy." But I'm strange that way.

C2 said...

I'm with you on the Grinch - and with Year Without a Santa Claus. Have you heard Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's version of Mr. Heat Miser?? Awesome!

RandomRanter said...

Cool! Thanks for the tip.

Zeek said...

Ok I'll admit it. I re-gift and I feel no shame about it. Have you seen some of the junk that people give you for office parties and the like?

Wendy said...

Ah yes, office gift exchanges. I've largely been able to avoid this pitfall since most of the places I've worked have made this "optional." When I was a supervisor, I gave the one gift to my underlings I knew they'd appreciate. Extra hours of time off. Who doesn't love that?