Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Talk Now, Pictures Later

Today was a good day with our friend, The Tater. First, we went on a short hike through part of the Appalachian Trail. It was a beautiful hike, even though it was wet and chilly out. The Boyfriend snapped some pics, but the uploading will have to wait until I'm back in California (I left the USB cable at home!).

Afterwards it was lunch at a local deli where I got myself a black and white cookie. Oh sweet Jesus in heaven, it was beyond incredible. For those of you who live outside of the northeast United States, a black and white cookie is more "cake-like" in texture and painted half with white frosting and half with chocolate. If I was crazy enough to go into business for myself, I'd set up a bakery in southern California and sell these things all day. Part of me thinks it would take off and I'd be an overnight millionaire. Another part of me just thinks all the women would come in and ask me if I had low-fat, low-carb, vegan cookies. Seriously, sometimes California really sucks.

Tomorrow it's back to The Boyfriend's parents and prepping for Thanksgiving. I plan to nurse the sinus cold I now have (le sigh) and pick up Lonesome Dove again. Of course, I haven't read anymore than the first 100 pages. What can I say, Tater and The Boyfriend got me liquored up last night and I was completely good for nothing.


Shannon C. said...

OMG those cookies sound wonderful. I am all about cakelike things with oodles of frosting!

Alie said...

I saw those on Seinfeld! lol. It's the biracial cookie ;) Poor Jerry got sick after eating one lol.

Dev said...

Sounds like you're having a good time! The cookies sound good ~ at first I thought black and white cookies were like panda cookies (chocolate drop cookies sprinkled with powder sugar).

David said...

People in NY will ask for low-fat, low-carb, etc. We're just allowed to tell them to fuck off :)

Anonymous said...

I'm offended :)
The middle of nowhere! I grew up on Long Island but spent many wonderful years in upstate NY (the economy has been rough on the area though). What part have you been visiting?

By the way my wife's name is Wendy and she's also a librarian. We live in Ohio now. Our daughter lived in California for two years and I've been there many times. The libraries here are much better than the ones near where she lived. :)

There is something to love and something to hate about everyplace. Part of the fun of traveling is to find them.

Wendy said...

Alie: I love that Seinfeld episode. "Look to the cookie!" Last night we caught the Soup Nazi episode....

David: We got our hands on some good Buffalo wings, pizza and bagels too! It's been food heaven for us.

Anon: We really are in the middle of nowhere. I'm pleasantly surprised our wireless has been working because cell service is pretty darn spotty out here. We've been in the Finger Lakes region and spent some time near the Connecticut border. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Now, I lived in the finger lakes area. Still not the middle of nowhere :). Try Montana or other places near by. It makes the finger lakes look crowded. I have a friend in Australia. Her job takes her into the outback at times. She has to fly on mining company planes to get to the schools she visits. That area makes Montana look crowded. :)
Hope your enjoying yourself. Have a good trip home. Take a few deep breaths of clean air though before you head back.

EmJay said...

Black and white cookies can be found in Southern California. Jerry's Famous Deli carries them. Don't know if you have those down in the OC, but there are several locations in the Los Angeles area.