Thursday, November 1, 2007

Back With The Baseball

I know. I said I was done talking about baseball until at least Spring Training, but dang I just read the funniest story over at ESPN and it sort of involves my Tigers.

Our Triple A affiliate, the totally kick-ass Toledo Mudhens, have offered Alex Rodriguez a contract, even going so far as to send said offer to ARod's agent, Scott Boras.

I especially love the bit about how ARod would have to compete for the third base spot with Mike Hessman or be willing to move to a different position.

This bit of playfulness was obviously the result of Hank Steinbrenner's reaction to hearing ARod was opting out of his Yankee contract. Reportedly, George's demon-spawn son cracked, "Does he want to go into the Hall of Fame as a Yankee, or a Toledo Mud Hen?"

Seriously, priceless!

Personally I think ARod should sign a one-day deal with Toledo just to get some laughs. It's not like the guy has the most stellar PR image, and think of the humor and goodwill it would instill. I know I would loathe him a little bit less (I wouldn't stick any pins in my ARod voodoo doll for that whole day! Pinky swear!). Of course, I don't think he will because I seriously doubt ARod has a sense of humor. But it's nice to know the Mud Hens do.

And in case anyone cares - I'm happy about the Edgar Renteria deal and not very happy that Zumaya had shoulder surgery. That's baseball for ya!

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