Monday, October 29, 2007

Getting Back On The Horse

One of these days I'll get back to talking about books. It's just been hard to read for the past week because of all the smoke in the area - oh, she makes my head hurt!

At this point the Orange County fire is around 65% contained. Word is that they hope to have it fully contained by Friday. Now, for those of you who don't live in fire country - containment doesn't necessarily mean "put out." It just means that the fire is no longer spreading, plus there's still the small matter of checking for hot spots. News from San Diego is a bit more encouraging, as the largest fire in that area is now being reported as 95% contained. But just to make things really cute, more Santa Ana winds are on the way for this upcoming weekend. Oh joy.

In other news, I've completely fallen off my diet and exercise routine. It's hard to go for my lunchtime walks when the air is filled with ash. Of course this is no excuse to hit the pizza hard over the weekend. In a bit of twisted karma, I was rewarded with Heartburn From Hell during the wee hours this morning. I begged The Boyfriend to smother me with a pillow to put me out of my misery - but did he? Of course not! Needless to say when my alarm clock went off this morning I wanted to punch something. This is the first case of heartburn I've had since going on the Diet From Hell, which tells me that even though I'd managed to only drop a measly two pounds, the whole eating better and exercising regime is good for something. Who knew? So here we go again...


Mollie said...

When my Mom and I did an Atkins-esque diet we found the biggest side-effect of giving up carbs was NO INDIGESTION!

I've since become a vegetarian and eat lots of carbs, incidentally my indigestion back.

Personally, I like Weight Watchers they stress portion control...don't have to give stuff up. You just have to eat in moderation. (And exercise, duh.) Good luck with getting back into the swing of things!

Rosie said...

Back in the saddle again... I was just commenting to GG, my very own captive audience, that I haven't been talking about books much either. But I have been able to read again. Our air is much better. So are our fires. Mostly contained and mop up going on to make sure there are no hot spots.

Crystal said...

It's hard keeping on track with diet and exercise. Last year I lost 35 pounds, I walked to and from work everyday (unless it was raining). My work is a 40 minute walk away. My house got hit by lightening and I lost my focus totally. I have yet to get back on track and have gained all 35 pounds back plus some.

I wish there was no such thing being fat. We all should just be skinny. LOL!