Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm Too Sexy For My Hat

Yes, the Super Librarian Parental Units are still in town until Saturday morning. And might I add, my vacation has been absolutely fabulous darlings!

I've been skimming through my Google Reader, but doing very little commenting. If you find that you're missing my glowing web presence a bit too much, might I suggest shameless flattery? Take a page from Jane's book. She's clever, is our Jane.

In other news, I'm not reading a lick and I'm completely uninspired by Fairyville. I'm talking Should I Just Skim It And Get It Over With uninspired. And if I'm to believe the vast majority of the comments on the web, I'm in a very small minority here. I'm thinking it's time for electroshock therapy - or else a nice long rant on why I think I'm burnt out on paranormals. The theory is still in the percolating phase, and I'm thinking it's ideal for the Romancing The Blog column I have due on the 22nd. Stay tuned. I tend to be wishy-washy when it comes to RtB columns.


Rosie said...

Miss you SL, so I was happy to see your short snappy post this evening. That concludes the shameless flattery portion of the evening.

Fairyville, great hot M/M love but those pesky fairys and fae. Why couldn't this be a straight contemp? Why? Why? Why?

While I have to admit I overall liked the book I can live without rainbows and pixie dust.

Gail K. said...

Hi SuperLibrarian,

I was the first to get HEARTSICK by Chelsea Cain from my library and I devoured it in one sitting! Or more like *it* devoured me. That Gretchen, what a f*cked up person, sheesh. But I guess most serial killers are, huh. I loved all the nuanced layers in the storytelling and the narrative. Thanks for introducing me to good serial killer fiction. Usually not my cuppa but who knew? Do you know if there are more Archie books in the works?

Big Sis said...

Where did you get that FABULOUS pic of me? I don't remember it, must be the Stoli....

Wendy said...

Rosie: Yeah, the M/M stuff is really hot but I'm so bored with the paranormal crap! I'm just soooo not interested.

Gail: Yes, more books in the series on the way. Last I heard it was planned as a trilogy with the next two books coming out before 2009. Now I'm not sure because I keep hearing "series" instead of just "trilogy." Hopefully the wait won't be too long!

Big Sis: I snapped it at our last family Christmas.