Sunday, September 2, 2007

I Need To Stop Now

Yes, I'm still not reading. So what do I do? Go out and get more books of course! It's really not my fault. Truly. It's all the fault of those evil landlords for jacking up rent and making the area's largest used bookstore go out of business.

I've already hit the store once since they announced they were closing (incidentally, with Rosie), but at that time I was smart and left my Harlequin shopping list at home. See, I always get in trouble when I take my Harlequin list to the UBS because they have an obscene amount of series titles. Well this time I brought my list with me. In my defense I think the heat we've been experiencing in southern California finally cooked the brain cells I didn't kill off with alcohol in college (for the record, it was a balmy 109 degrees where I live today).

I walked out of there with 22 books. Imagine how deadly it would have been if I had found any of the Harlequin Historical titles I was looking for. Don't ask me when I'll read them or why I think I need more books - but there they are, sitting on the sofa in our home office. Seriously, it must have been the heat. That, and the fact that they were 50% off.

I really have an unhealthy addiction to the Harlequin SuperRomance line. I might want to get help for that. But every series reader should have at least one line they adore above all reason - and I figure better HSR than ::shudder:: Harlequin Presents.

(I'm kidding. Honestly, kidding! I can joke about the HP line because I love me Harlequin oh so much. And better I make fun of The Greek Billionaire's Secret Virgin Mistress than some ass-hat who thinks every romance published is a "Harlequin bodice ripper")

In other news, A Certain Awesome Harlequin Historical Author sent me a copy of A Western Winter Wonderland by Cheryl St. John, Jenna Kernan and Pam Crooks - which arrived this weekend. My favorite part was looking at the package, which was addressed to My Name, Super Librarian. I showed The Boyfriend who got a bit of an incredulous look on his face. To which I said, "See, people have heard of my great power! Well at least as far as Nebraska."

Today Nebraska, tomorrow the world!

Now I really need to think about getting some reading done.


C2 said...

Still not reading?! Oh noes! Have you tried re-reading an old fave or three?

Awesome haul at the bookstore though. ;-) And getting mail addressed to you with your "title"? Excellent!

I saw a t-shirt somewhere that said "Librarian by day. Superhero at night." Did you design it?

Kate Diamond said...

Clean apartment.
Go see my triplet nephews.
Plan for the first day of school.

So much to do, so little time!

Rosie said...

Hey! Why didn't you tell me you were making another run at the UBS? I'd have gone to support you and your habit and happily cheered you on as I filled my own basket. : ) I was actually thinking of you yesterday because I was at my favorite Borders and took quite a haul of new books home one of which was FAIRYVILLE. I haven't even cracked the cover yet. I'm scared to.

Wendy said...

c2: I'm not really in a slump per se - just lazy and not reading. The mystery I'm working on right now is actually quite good, and part of one of my favorite series. And I saw that T-shirt too! I really need to get one.

Kate: *sigh* I have to clean my apartment too. Did manage to get one of the bathrooms straightened out yesterday.

Rosie: It was a last minute trip. Once I realized that college football was starting on Saturday, I decided to get myself out of the apartment for a bit. Even in this unbearable heat.

I need to get to Borders this week - hopefully tomorrow. Want to pick up Fairyville and the new Karen Rose. Also want to get the new Tess Gerritsen, but the laydown date isn't until the 18th.

Devon said...

Wendy--Do you have any particular favorite HSR authors. Recently discovered the line. One I loved, one not so much, but they remind me of my mom's old Desires or Temptations. I'd like to try more.

Wendy said...

My favorite is Kathryn Shay. High points include her America's Bravest series (Feel the Heat is book 1) and the Serenity House trilogy (Practice Makes Perfect is book 1). Of course, I still have the odd book or two from both of these series floating around in the TBR. I really need to stop putting off reading "half-read" series.

I've read a couple by Inglath Cooper that I enjoyed (one that jumps out in Unfinished Business) and I really enjoy Carrie Alexander's North Country series.

Hope that helps!

Devon said...


Big Sis said...

I just have to point out that the 22 books you bought have a combined page count MUCH higher than Lonesome Dove. I just can't stop harping on you about it because I KNOW you will LOVE it.
Read the darn book already!