Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's Official, I'm Old

After a four hour rain delay (why they didn't just suck it up and play a double-header today or Sunday, who knows?) my Tigers (they're "my" Tigers as long as they're winning) beat the Yankees last night in 11 innings thanks to Carlos Guillen's walk-off homerun. At 3:30AM EST. That was only 12:30AM here and I still fell asleep well before the game went into extra innings. I had a rough day yesterday - that trip to the day spa just wore me out! What with the massage, pedicure, manicure and the nice sunburn I managed to work on.

In other news, The Guy Every Girl Would Love To Take Home To Meet Mom, Curtis Granderson, hit two triples last night, bringing his total up to 21 on the season. The first Tiger to hit 20 triples since Ty Cobb did it in 1917. Being the despicable human being that he was, I can only imagine how many times Cobb has rolled over in his grave this morning.

Bonderman pitches today. It's 9AM here and I'm wondering if it's too early to start drinking. All that, and I still feel like a nap.


Rosie said...

Yeah be careful about that nap business. I said that on my post and one of my nephews called this morning and is in town. Long story short? I'll have a houseful of family for dinner. No rest for the wicked...not a romance title, just my life.

Kristie said...

Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy. He gives me heartburn. I just can't stand watching him. Ugh! But today's game is looking good so far. Curtis with an in the park home run. During the rain delay we got to see his "Spotlight" and he is just the greatest guy. If I wasn't married, I would be stalking him like crazy! I have the cutest picture of him as my background on my laptop. I love Grandy!

Kristie said...

I just jinxed us! Another pitcher out!!!!! Ugh! Maybe I shouldn't even watch anymore and just follow the score on the computer or ignore it all! Damn me and my mouth!