Monday, August 20, 2007

Guess I Better Get On That

Even though my reading has slowed to a crawl, that hasn't stopped me from anticipating two releases hitting the shelves in September. Honestly, I need to stop watching the Tigers. I'm barely on speaking terms with them at the moment for dropping three games to the Yankees this weekend. You guys are killing me over here!

Anyway, back to the autobuys. I have very few these days, but lucky me, two of my favorite authors have new books coming out next month!

Fairyville by Emma Holly, laydown date September 4.

Zoe Clare is a medium who has no trouble communicating with the dead-or with real live fairies, for that matter! But she can't seem to get her feelings across to her landlord-slash-manager- Magnus Monroe, Fairyville, Arizona's most eligible bachelor. She's tired of his erotic antics with every woman in town but her. So when her high school flame returns to town, Zoe is more than a little vulnerable to his charms. How Alex broke her heart is a scandal no one in Fairyville has forgotten. But even if Zoe isn't ready to forget, she's willing to forgive. The rules they're about to break will bring out the jealousy in Magnus-and the astounding truth.
What Wendy Says: Gotta say, I'm a little hesitant about this even though it is the Emma Holly, who I love like a fat kid loves cake. I'm just not a fan of paranormal mixed with erotica. I'm sorry, I'm just not. I'm sure it can be well done, and I have total faith that Holly will pull it off, but it's a hard sell for me. Still, I'll be hitting Borders on the laydown date because I'm a junkie like that. And I love Emma Holly. Have I said that yet?

The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen, laydown date September 18 (yes, in hard cover).

Present day: Julia Hamill has made a horrifying discovery on the grounds of her new home in rural Massachusetts: a skull buried in the rocky soil—human, female, and, according to the trained eye of Boston medical examiner Maura Isles, scarred with the unmistakable marks of murder. But whoever this nameless woman was, and whatever befell her, is knowledge lost to another time. . . .

Boston, 1830: In order to pay for his education, Norris Marshall, a talented but penniless student at Boston Medical College has joined the ranks of local “resurrectionists”—those who plunder graveyards and harvest the dead for sale on the black market. Yet even this ghoulish commerce pales beside the shocking murder of a nurse found mutilated on the university hospital grounds. And when a distinguished doctor meets the same grisly fate, Norris finds that trafficking in the illicit cadaver trade has made him a prime suspect.

To prove his innocence, Norris must track down the only witness to have glimpsed the killer: Rose Connolly, a beautiful seamstress from the Boston slums who fears she may be the next victim. Joined by a sardonic, keenly intelligent young man named Oliver Wendell Holmes, Norris and Rose comb the city—from its grim cemeteries and autopsy suites to its glittering mansions and centers of Brahmin power—on the trail of a maniacal fiend who lurks where least expected . . . and who waits for his next lethal opportunity.
What Wendy Says: I suspect I was the only reader disappointed in Gerritsen's last novel, The Mephisto Club. My sisters liked it, a friend of mine (new to Gerritsen) loved it. Me? I'm apparently a piss pot. But this one? This one I'm really looking forward to and I'll probably be camping outside of Costco on the 18th. I love historical mysteries, but don't read nearly enough of them, and I'm always intrigued when authors spin off in a new direction. Oh sure, this sounds like more grisly suspense from Gerritsen, but as far as I know, it's the first time she's dipped her hand in the historical waters. Also, great choice of time period and topic - but I'm a deviant like that.

What new books are you looking forward to?


Rosie said...

Right now I'm in the mood for a good ole regular contemporary romance. So I'm looking forward to AGNES & THE HITMAN releasing tomorrow. Something frothy is just what the doctor ordered. Why you might ask? (Yes, I know you didn't REALLY ask but has that ever stopped me?)

The male testosterone around here has reached the epic proportions. In fact the heat inside is almost as hot as the heat outside. Emily and I are pretty miffed with ALL the males in the household. Although venting here has helped. :)

Alison Kent said...

No, I wasn't thrilled with THE MEPHISTO CLUB. It was good, but I thought the pacing was off, and the denouement was as poor IMO as Lisa Gardner's last one. I want to get to the end and believe in the bad guy. This one bugged me.