Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Convenience Store

I got an e-mail today from Borders informing me that a new store will be holding their grand opening this weekend. Imagine my total delight to discover the store is extremely close to where I work. This is either a very good thing, or a very bad thing - jury is still out. But given that next week brings a hotly anticipated title (on my part anyway), I'm currently ecstatic. Tuesday, August 7 is the official laydown date for A Reason To Believe by Maureen McKade, book two in her Forrester Brothers trilogy.

Can I get a Yee Haw?

Lonely and filled with regrets, Dulcie McDaniels struggles to provide a decent life for her daughter. Usually shunned by proper folks, she's suspicious of Rye Forrester, a drifter offering to work for his keep. But after he helps harvest the crop, her feelings toward the handsome stranger turn into a consuming passion. But Rye has his own secrets. When their tragic pasts catch up with them, these two wounded souls must fight for the love that will keep them together for a lifetime.
It's a poorly kept secret how much I loved the previous book in this series, A Reason To Live. When I found out Berkley bought it as part of a series I just about fell out of my chair (then thanked baby Jesus. Can I get an Amen?).

So for all of you who loved A Reason To Live as much as I did (and I know who most of you are), drop everything on Tuesday and run out to pick up A Reason To Believe. Seriously, like you have anything more important going on in your life that day? In the meantime, here's an excerpt to tide you over (or make you extremely impatient for Tuesday - take your pick).


Rosie said...

Yee haw!!! Amen!! Pass the collection plate? I'll be there with bells on.

Jennie said...

A new bookstore is always reason to celebrate. :)

I always used to end up shopping at B&N because that's what was close by, but a Borders is right down the street from my new house. I actually like it a lot better--they carry more genre fiction than B&N.

Tara Marie said...

Yee Haw :)