Thursday, July 26, 2007

Old Lady

Something happened to me last night that made me realize how old I am. I got home from work, hit the couch, turned on the ball game and realized how excruciatingly tired I was. I was wasted. I feel asleep during the 9th inning, that's how bad it was. I woke up long enough for The Boyfriend to say to me, "The Tigers won, now go to bed." Which I did. Before 9PM.

Not sure what my issue was, but The Boyfriend thinks I'm still recovering from RWA Dallas. I flew back on a Sunday, ran around like a crazy woman (in between a 4 hour nap), then was back at work for a full week on Monday. We won't mention last weekend - it's a blur.

I work on a flex schedule (thank you baby Jesus), so have tomorrow off. Better still? The Boyfriend's car will be in the shop, so he'll have to take my car to work - which means I will be stuck at home, car-less, all day. No errand-running. Certainly, I'll have household drudgery to perform, but after that I plan on playing with my TBR mountain range, soaking up Law & Order reruns and getting some reading done out in the sunshine.

First order of business is definitely my TBR. Even though it caused The Boyfriend to suffer a minor stroke, I went out and bought a new, larger Rubbermaid tote. The plan is to take the two smaller totes I currently have devoted to historical romance, and combine as much as possible into the one larger one. Then I hope I can get all of the books I currently have lying about in boxes packed away in the empty tote(s). I also need to do a little reorganizing - pulling out books I'd like to read sooner rather than later. Oh, and I also have some newer books to add to my LibraryThing account.

It's exhausting being a book junkie.

This weekend also marks a return visit of my Detroit Tigers to the area - so I'll be at the Saturday day game, likely sweating to death and getting a sunburn (SPF 45 here I come!). Once again we'll be sitting along the third base line, and once again I'll be throwing my panties at Pudge Rodriguez. Yippee!

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Rosie said...

It's exhausting being a book junkie.

I tell GG this all the time. I don't know how I did it when my kids were small. Of course, they were in every UBS in a 50 mile radius bribed with a new book and a Happy Meal, that may have something to do with it.

I hope you are enjoying your new lounger and have fun at the game tomorrow.