Friday, July 20, 2007

Mission From God

Reading is, like, totally cool Auntie Wendy!
Their mother calls this their Jake and Elwood period.

This weekend, the sheer joy of reading will enjoy an all-to-brief moment back in the spotlight. You might have heard by now - a little book is set to take it's bow tomorrow (and I say that jokingly since I peaked at a work copy and it's 759 pages long). And while snobby literary critics are bemoaning the fact that "infantile" adults are reading children's books (pooh on them!) and others are bemoaning how the series is really poorly written and nobody should waste their time on it - all I can do is sing the praises to the saints above that people are losing their damn minds over a book.

That bears repeating - a book. They're going gah-gah nutso over a book. A book not written by O.J. Simpson. Seriously people, this is all it takes to make my little librarian heart go pitter-patter.

As for me, I am still undecided on what I'm going to do. I was going to buy the book on Saturday, but now I'm thinking I'll spend the extra bucks and get it on audio. See, I've listened to the previous six books on audio. Haven't "read" a single one, and I'm afraid if I try to read #7 I'll start missing Jim Dale too much and get distracted.

Oh well, I still have a few hours to hem and haw about it...


Rosie said...

So you and Jim gotta thang going on? How long a-listen would a 759 book be?

Wendy said...

Geez, there was one (#5? or was it #6?) that was 18 CDs. Somewhere in the ballpark of 16-18 CDs me thinks for #7. Amazon doesn't give any specific details.

And yes, these are really incredible on audio book! Jim Dale does such a wonderful job.

Rosie said...


Mollie said...

I too have only listened to all the HP's. I just got my audiobook in, listened to the first chapter on my lunch break. Def opt for the audio you can't beat listening to Jim!!!
It's 17 CD's I believe!

As a fellow librarian you would have been proud of our library's HP celebrations. We had a 15 hour Harry Potter event last night. It was INSANE. I'll be posting pictures soon. Hope you'll check them out!

I worked from 4-1am last night and am working today 9-6. I'm tired but it was so freaking worth it!!! :) All for...a BOOK!!!! Hehe!

Wendy said...

Geez, Mollie. My butt would be dragging working that schedule. I'm in admin, so wasn't roped into any HP celebrations.

Did get the audio and I'm on Chapter 3 now. With 17 CDs, and with me primarily just listening in the car, it's probably going to take me 10 days to 2 weeks to get through it. But with audio, there's no temptation to "peak" at the ending :)

Big Sis said...

I too have started reading the latest and last. Who says they're "poorly written"? I think they are well written, but they are aimed at a young audience, so needless to say I don't find myself needing the dictionary close by (like I do when reading Clive Barker).
And since when are grown-ups supposed to stay away from children's lit? Don't any of these critics read the comics? What about Shel Silverstein's books, or The Little Prince, or The Three Musketeers...and what about reading it so you know if it's appropriate for ones own children, or students? BAH! I agree with you Wendy. Be happy people have their nose in a book! It's brain exercise even if it is easy to read.

Wendy said...

Big Sis:
I agree - good brain exercise! Speaking from persona experience, it's very hard for me to "zone out" while reading. Whereas when I'm watching TV or playing a video game (admittedly not that often) I tend to enter into a zombie-like trance.