Friday, June 15, 2007

MC White Girl

The Lil' Sis is currently depressed over the fact that once my charming brother-in-law finishes his PhD, she could end up living in California. Something about how she can't afford to live out here. I don't know where she's getting that idea? Just because I'm contemplating harvesting one of my kidneys to sell on the black market so me and The Boyfriend can buy a house. I actually think she doesn't want to live that close to me. And can we blame her on that score?

So let's cheer her up! My sister was one of those suburban white girls in high school who adored rap music. And here she is dissing California. I mean, what would Tupac say? Be careful girl or next time I head over to the LBC to scare up some Snoop D.O. Double G.


Lil' Sis said...

Yeah, I know - as a "white girl" I should be all about the WEST SIDE!!! But my fingers don't slide into the sign as easily as before. Getting old I guess. :)

I love the video - that song is actually on my MySpace page and they mention Pasadena, my future home. Not sure about the "West Side" today though, I'm getting depressed with rap today - I mean, someone remade the Patrick Swayze song "She's Like the Wind" - I mean really!!! Come on? Why remake that? Sigh.

Rosie said...

Pasadena is a great place and actually one of the places in SoCal that has some culture without having to get on a freeway to find it.

Really? Truly? Someone remade the Patrick Swayze song?